CRM Like Marketo



In the beginning, Marketing softwares in some cases like Marketo, were designed to manage and organize only certain aspects of the marketing.A�But with the passage of time, the main platforms have achieved a high degree of development that allow them to control all the processes related to marketing in a comprehensive manner.

Marketo platform is one of those examples of software that include from an inbound marketing strategy, to the automation of other processes, not passing by other aspects such as email campaigns or events.

And precisely with Marketo as reference we are going to start to analyze, putting special attention in the pros, of Marketo and some others softwares like him.


As soon as start to familiarize with its use, the professional of the marketing that use the Marketo software, probably will feel as a pilot, in the controls of a platform capable of make the job done in all the areas related with their work.


Marketo possibilities are so broad that for its listing and analysis, it is essential to divide them by the following areas or blocks:


Marketo is a tool of high quality that, used properly, can be very useful to achieve more and better sales with the least amount of effort.

This platform can be an ideal channel for achieving a positive return of investment (ROI).

Marketo also allows you to minimize the most mechanical tasks and heavy as:

  • Send bulk email advertising with all kinds of information about products and services, features, offers, newsletters, white papers, comparisons, etc.
  • Analysis and selection more appropriate of the potential customers in multiple variables: age, sex, level economic, tastes, websites that visit, information that have required, etc.
  • Management of the sales with a guidance direct to the customer, what is known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


The varied content and also the quality of them, with the accent in the relevant data and the argumentation, each time are best valued by the customers.

In this field the program Marketo allows, among other things:

  • Publish content quickly and easily in multiple channels: websites, blogs, YouTube channels, social networks, etc.
  • Generate more traffic with the setting up of technical of positioning (SEO and SEM) appropriate.
  • Conversion effective of those visits in leads (data of the customers) through forms.
  • Designing attractive landing pages, impressive and professional fast and simple using templates.


Despite not having a too good image, e-mail marketing is a method, already veteran, but widely used for their effectiveness of advertising on the network.

With Marketo software you can achieve:

  • Eliminate the appearance of spam through mails personalized to each customer.
  • Design eye-catching and emails of high quality thanks to its own editor, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Integration with the main database of the company to carry out massive sending of e-mail quickly and easily.
  • Testing of messages using lists of samples random generated in way automatic.
  • Possibility to change the content of the email at any time and to incorporate dynamic content.
  • Management of subscriptions and cancellations.


The possibilities of this software in this area include:

  • Links to the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and from others points, such as the social network of the company, advertising e-mails, etc.
  • Instant conversion.
  • Automatic integration of the social networks with the strategies of Inbound Marketing and the actions of automation.


The events (seminars, congresses, meetings, fairs, etc.) are an important focus of demand generation and reinforcement of brand.

Marketo platform incorporates a number of features that help the organization and promotion of them:

  • Send personalized invitations and reminders to boost attendance.
  • Simplification of the billing process.
  • Integration of suppliers that offer services of webinar on line.
  • Post events follow-up actions.


Marketo can help improve sales through:

  • Identification of the most potential customers to purchase a particular product or service.
  • Automatic sending of emails to selected clients.


A different dimension within the possibilities of marketing software is the budgets organization, in order to remain within the limits previously set.

Marketo capabilities in this area include:

  • Organization of marketing investment, by equipment and location.
  • Monitoring and comparison of the planned budget and the actually used.
  • Management and reconciliation of invoices and orders of purchase.


Marketo: a great software with great details that makes a difference.

Therea��s also programs of CRM like Marketo, and we will put a short list here, in fact, we already wrote about some of them in previous articles: