CRM Like Zoho


Check from the same panel all the relationship business of your company with Zoho CRM. This software provides the tools for a proper management of the database that allows you to get the best commercial performance and possible sales.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM offers you a complete overview of the life cycle of the customer in order to establish in the Organization a unique business system for sales, marketing, customer support and all of the processes carried out by the commercial area.

Zoho CRM collects and manages the information of contacts and customers, creating a historical to give greater value to its offer. This allows to improve the quality of treatment and satisfaction offering to its customers the solution that best suits your needs and loyalty to these in time. And when it comes to measuring results, the application generates graphs, forecasts and reports customized easily.

With Zoho CRM you get:

  • An updated database
  • Tools for commercial tracking and customer
  • Historical of each contact, company…
  • Sales team control
  • Sales
  • Send of email templates. Integration with mailing software
  • Budget
  • Emission of bills (for more functionality integrate Zoho Invoice)
  • Management and follow-up of marketing campaigns
  • Products and services. Management of stock (optional)
  • Management of incidents
  • Tasks, events and customer service.
  • Informs and graphics detail to know the State of the business
  • Control of users by roles and permissions
  • Access from any device
  • Possibility of integrating voice over IP for customer service.

Zoho CRM allows the configuration of the system, being able to modify fields, eyelashes, delete features, or add them according to the specific needs of each organization. You can also integrate any program of the suite of applications of Zoho, such as billing and control of projects. For more information

This application is offered under the Software as a service model, which makes it affordable to any company. The licensing model is “pay per use” and there are several versions depending on the type of organization and its needs.

It is accessible to any user, which is your level and knowledge. With a brief training user will be ready to make the most of Zoho.

Services on Zoho CRM

Ita��s possible to adapt Zoho CRM to the concretes needs of each customer, creating thus applications unique and to measure. This is an advantage over traditional, fault-free developments, since it is based on a standard system, with a much lower cost and without assuming the maintenance of the servers.

Zoho offer a personalized service to each of their tools adapted to the needs of each business.

Versions of Zoho CRM (prices of licenses)

Zoho CRM Standard Edition

Is a functional suite with integrated modules that provide the sales force automation as well as administration of campaigns of email, sales and reporting.

This version is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that need a professional management of the database and/or commercial staff. Not includes the part of budgets, inventory, orders and management of stock.

Price: 12a�� / user / month.

Zoho CRM Professional Edition

Offers a solution full of management, integrating functionality of automation of the strength of sales and management of inventory. This version includes all it content in the version standard more those modules of budgeting, inventory, billing and orders. In addition allows the integration with Outlook and Google Apps.

This version is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that require of maximum flexibility and ease of use, but that does not require of an organization hierarchical complex.

Price: 20a�� / user / month.

Therea��s another options like Zoho CRM, we will talk about them shortly.



Is a comprehensive suite of tools of social collaboration, communication and management for your team.


It is a system for the management of the customer relationship (CRM) based on LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP). It has five editions, one of them free and other four editions with non-free components and cost by user. SugarCRM is a very complete CRM application for businesses of different sizes. It is designed to facilitate the sales management, business contacts, opportunities and more.


Offers a solution to small businesses around the world that makes a lot easy the customer relationship and project management. It is a great tool for the management of contacts, partners, vendors and suppliers. It is powerful, simple and easy to use.


Is the first software of automation of marketing of code open. Mautic has an active developer community that is contributing to their rapid evolution is a young but mature and stable product for use in production environments.

Streak CRM

This extension adds a small CRM system to your Gmail account, that when you log in to your mail you have an interface with additional functionality.
With the extension will have the option of grouping all messages sent to a customer concrete, perform the follow-up of your messages (adding notes), sales made, messages exchanged with customers and or contributors.
You can also create templates with “default messages”, program messaging and an interesting option is to check if someone has seen the mail without the need to use this Streak.

Vtiger CRM

It is an open source application and PHP for the management of relationships with customers, a really powerful and free solution that emerged as a fork of SugarCRM. Is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises.


It is defined as an application to manage sales, allowing to have a database of customers, a place where to sign agreements and commitments and the possibility of having a sales force updating the information provided by the system at the same time.


Is a tool of management of relationships with clients helps us in this task, providing an agenda, a tool to arrange appointments, and multiple options to keep track of our business activities. Wea��ll talk in a future article about it.