CRM Outlook 2015

For years the administration of communications, contacts and scheduling appointments and dialogues business has been managed through Microsoft Office Outlook. This is because this email platform has proven very useful in many ways. Far from just being a simple tool for sending and receiving emails Outlook is a platform that facilitates the communication.

To this we can add the fact that as CRM platform also meets the expectations required of these programs. But far from being a fully functional CRM system it accomplishes this through the integration of these programs. This is possible thanks to the ease of adaptation thereof and own customizations of Microsoft Outlook. But to complete what this system offers us have other help.

While we mentioned that Microsoft Outlook provides the ability to manage contacts and communications, not something we should escape. That something is the degree of effectiveness of marketing that can be obtained through the integration of CRM Microsoft Dynamics line of work CRM 2015. This application already has in many cases as Dynamics CRM for Outlook has much to offer in its version 2015 and then we will detail.

Basic features Solution CRM for Outlook 2015

While this is the most common within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM package it is not a feature that should be taken for granted. We refer to the ability of CRM data even while we are working in a mode offline. This is important because as we know many CRM systems manage cloud databases whereby a permanent internet access is required. But it is not the same in this case.

This is due in part to the integration mode both the CRM and Outlook. At the time of setup and installation of the 2015 CRM solution we can establish the working parameters of this modality. We can even establish continuity with backup and recovery which we can always access useful data and not obsolete. Additionally we can add the possibility of access from anywhere.

How is it possible? Thank you for configuration we access our mailbox Outlook work preferences and data are stored on the network. So to access our user name and password we can work comfortably from any computer that has the approval of access work data for CRM Outlook 2015.

Safety Guidelines

As mentioned in the previous section you can be accessed from authorized through our user and key equipment. This point helps us understand that the security of the data is high. When installing the system as administrators can configure different access levels and responsibilities. Demarcate work teams or add others and in turn improve communication channels to limit or set parameters.

Put another way, we can not only access our account and allow those who work with us to access from anywhere to theirs. We can also protect data by ensuring that only those with approval to manage them can access them. It may seem a simple thing but to protect databases web access then support equipment is a protection that should not be underestimated.

Installation details

Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook 2015 follows the pattern than in previous versions. While some dialogs and configuration tables due to an increase in safety parameters generally remains the same are added. But we can include in this description the mode of managing multiple organizations. You only must rerun the setup wizard and enter the data.

As we can see the line Microsoft Dynamics CRMA�Outlook 2015A� remains for good reason number 1 choice for those who want to manage their CRM solution. Because it allows the process through our mailbox literally simplify the way we work. For that reason it encourage us to try even if it does not and to know and already being tested. In these ways you will discover a management system that turns out to be simple, adaptable and efficient