CRM – SAP Integration

Since the variety of CRM systems is much we must first specify what we mean. When we refer to SAP Cloud talk about the collaboration tool for sales teams, marketing and customer service most comprehensive that we provide the CRM systems. What is the reason for this statement?

The SAP Cloud for Customers (full name) solution maintains the information updated and accurate for customers to provide reliable equipment sales, marketing and customer data. The goal is to offer customers a satisfying experience from any point of contact with the company, and offers customized services to help ensure their long-term loyalty. Managed in the cloud, the tool can work in mobility, leverage social networks and interactions in real-time update price lists and orders. It includes analytical and social skills.

What are its benefits?

We enumerate these:

1) Process Management Sales (order entry, pipeline, sales activities …) and services (handling complaints and claims management services …) in mode Solution as a Service (SaaS).

2) Implementation optimal when the core is SAP ERP and mobility is critical (Best Practices: Sales Force required to perform management opportunities and taking orders with an integration with SAP ECC for sales and service processes).

3) Native integration with SAP (SAP ECC, SAP BI, etc.) solutions.

4) Construction of a powerful Omnichannel strategy to improve the relationship with customers.

5) Knowledge and interaction with current and potential customers on social networks.

6) Exploring trends and conducting analysis by geographical areas, product lines or sales teams.

7) Inclusion of social media in customer service strategies.

Features that allow us to obtain these benefits

The experience obtained by the client in its relationship with a company is now crucial to winning their long-term loyalty. With the SAP CRM application for managing customer relationships. The aid provides an organization is so complete that allows a 360-degree view of each customer and channel interaction, from the marketing department to shopping and returns.

The solution covers the processes of customer service, marketing, e-commerce and social networks, building a successful and solid Omnichannel experience that will help improve business results. With this application, your company can monetize and optimize every interaction established with a current or potential customer. In addition to training for a personalized and flexible experience for each customer, control and anticipation of needs and shopping preferences, direct contact through social networks and mobile applications, access to valuable information about competitors and trends and seamless integration market distribution processes and billing.

A complementary tool

Usually the SAP system is used to couple the Hybris Marketing, a solution individualized interaction absolutely. Marketing hybris solution allows expand marketing campaigns to target them in attracting individual customer, offering the opportunity to learn more about what it wants and needs.

It is a platform Omnichannel designed to manage marketing processes that can integrate B2B, B2C, master data, digital tools, social networks, web pages components, among others. Thanks to obtain information in real time and in the context of each client, you can communicate to your customers individually and in all channels. His power and agility delivers high performance in data traffic and provides a noticeable benefit in saving maintenance costs, while increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Some Characteristics

  • Dual benefits of using solutions
  • Marketing campaign management aligned with company strategy.
  • Integration with social networks, which helps to share information multilaterally.
  • Navigation and searches that offer ease of use.
  • Integration with other areas of the company, which provides more visibility of the needs and objectives set by the company.

If this is not enough and wants to further leverage these applications the Hybris Commerce extension is the answer to that desire. The Omnichannel hybris Commerce solution helps to address and interact more successfully through all possible channels. This is achieved because it is a solution located between the best trading software platforms in the world that can integrate all points of customer contact, both digital and physical, on a single platform.

Hybris Commerce online involves management, mobile devices, retail outlets, call centers, social media and physical impressions of the product catalog. Whatever your industry, the main benefit of this solution is to allow foster customer loyalty, increase sales and establish, with the customer- a single common point of communication. All channels use the same data source, promoting the concept of omnicanalidad.

Thanks to its easy usability and wide viewing capability, nimbly resolves the distribution of storage. It also allows to highlight the benefits of each product and service to the client, making information helps you make faster decisions. Moreover, its adaptability to any device (Responsive Web Design) makes the user experience on different channels, and consuming the same data source, is clearly more comfortable, simple and satisfying.



  • Suggestions and promotions tailored to each client.
  • Inclusion of the customer experience in physical stores through various devices, etc.
  • Translating personal shopping experience, through the web, physical store; thanks to in-store module.
  • Purchase process phases and roles, according to the profile and responsibility of each user.
  • Synergy between internal information and customer service area.
  • Possibility of offering certain products via the web and extend the offer for sale via call center.
  • Access from the call center to the module to meet customer history and offer more personalized attention.
  • Creating online catalogs with different comparative product prices and promotions.
  • Ability to show a different website for specific customer groups.
  • Single stock, both in store and e-commerce, allowing the client to access purchase an item that is not available in e-commerce but in the physical store.