CRM like SugarCRM

CRM like SugarCRM


The latest SugarCRM platform, aim at joining B2B and B2C engagement strategies using a single platform.

Open source SugarCRM platform is offered as software as a service (SaaS) – hosted by SugarCRM – in the public or private cloud. The platform also offers open APIs that enable integration with other enterprise systems, including systems of enterprise resource planning, data services such as Dun & Bradstreet, applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Exchange, Google Apps, email platforms and GoToMeeting.


SugarCRM also integrates with social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to help users keep track of the activities of the social profile of your contacts. These interactions can be documented in SugarCRM, helping users to follow the requests and queries of customers and leads. SugarCRM is also integrated with transactional platforms and e-commerce, in addition to social network analysis tools, which are provided to help users to be aware of the interactions of its customers and its follow-up for future references.

The platform CRM is designed for medium-sized and large companies, and is scalable for thousands of users. Is can run in Linux, iSeries, OS X and Windows, and is adaptable to operate in many other platforms. SugarCRM can also be used in mobile devices: smartphones and Android tablets, iPads and iPhones and BlackBerry devices. Although the platform mobile of SugarCRM not is compatible with the browser native of android, it can be accessed through Google Chrome web browser.


The license of subscription annual of SugarCRM is available in the following three variations:

  • Professional: $ 40 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: $65 per user per month.
  • Ultimate: 150$ per user per month.

Each license requires a minimum of ten users and each level of subscription comes with data protection and security measures, and supports several types of currency and can be viewed in 20 different languages. Each version include basic support, but if we add $q 10 per user per month we will have available an enhanced support.


The version 7.6 is the latest one of SugarCRM, and offers enhanced workflow capabilities, the platform displays based on the different roles of users and, also provide better dashboards for those who use the platform with mobile devices. Usually, every six months the company launches a new version and, launches a new version numerical every 18 months.


SugarCRM is a management platform for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that companies use to manage sales, marketing and customer in B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Clients) strategies.

  • SugarCRM includes open source tools that allow manage accounts, leads, meetings, reports, agenda, projects and workflow.
  • The features of the platform include custom designs, views based on roles and that come preloaded in custom templates, customizable home page,
  • Also contain a builder of modules for the creation of custom modules and SugarCRM Studio, which is used for the adaptation of pre-existing modules or those created recently through your Module Builder tool.
  • SugarCRM Open source platform allows users to centralize key customer and sales, and carry data through advanced workflows, dashboards and also offers reports.
  • It also allows users to collaborate through their Activity Streams – a follower that shows all the activity on the platform – and other communication and reporting functions.
  • SugarCRM features include parent reports, regular reports and advanced SQL-based reporting.
  • SugarCRM also offers various functions to support the management of marketing campaigns, including tools for email marketing, newsletter management, campaign and leads routing management.These features, combined with the SugarCRM reports and workflows capabilities, help automate the business processes CRM. Which is great!


Now, we’re going to mention some other programs or applications for CRM that we can compare withA�SugarCRM:

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