Are all CRM apps the same?

When we talk about a system of CRM solution, we do not mean only 1 or 2 programs. The truth is that systems and customer management solution are too many. There is a huge amount of free CRM applications, another payment. All vary depending on whether they are for start-ups, small, medium or large enterprises. also apply to commercial premises, promoters or public relations agencies. For this reason we will see a list of CRM applications rated as the best taking into account various factors factors.

Contacts CRM apps

There are CRM applications that focus on conversations and other in contacts in. In the case of conversations, apply for applications oriented use email. Instead the contact, let us know more about customers with whom we interact, their tastes and also verify the talks.

Among these we are: Google Contacts (the basic form of it is the Google+, this app free and / or advanced is within Google Apps for work for $ 5 per month). You can also find Highrise (folio with detailed information contact forms, 4 $ per month and allows users to add 2 free).A�You can also have:
a�? Clevertim (review of contacts and filter by location, appointments, meetings and task management, 4 $ per month).
a�? Insightly (information social profiles, $ 9 per month and up to 3 free users).
a�? OnePageCRM (information, notes and follow-up post, $ 10 per month per user).
a�? Act! Cloud (track of conversations and structuring them, 10 $ per month).
a�? Capsule and Solve (organized lists, contact management, personalized contact frequency and average $ 12 per month each).
a�? Nimble (ideal for prospects and negotiations, $ 15 per month).
a�? Batchbook (integrates information from emails, profiles and add them to contacts, has no user limit beneficiaries of an account, $ 55 per month).

Communication and salesA�apps

For purposes of conversation applications are: Nutshell, Contactually, Streak, RelateIQ and Close. These platforms structured contacts based on mails and conversations, contacts and schedule last communication for each contact. It also enables the transfer of information with the data to display in the mail, call, video call or conversation. Their values are: $ 15 (single user), $ 18 (single user), $ 19 (10 users), $ 49 (single user) and $ 59 (single user) in the order presented.
For companies specializing in sales alone have the Lead and deals range. These lists allow you to structure based on sales process. These take into account the data of leads, and closing sales agreements. Among these we are:
a�? Stride (free)
a�? Pipedrive ($ 9 a month)
a�? Prosperworks (free)
a�? Zoho CRM ($ 12 per month, up to 3 users)
a�? Base (allows you to record all interactions with customers, $ 15 per month per user)
a�? PipelineDeals ($ 24 a month per user)
a�? Pipeliner (also available for MAC, $ 35 per month per user)
a�? SugarCRM (available for Linux, Windows and OS X, $ 35 per month, the open source edition is free)
a�? Salesforce (includes services that allow make predictions based on sales reports, automation in the data collected and various platforms available. $ 65 per month per user).
Depending on our needs, we can choose one or other of the list but remembering that everyone works for one type of company. So the most important thing is to compare what we do, what we want the program solution and the goal we hope to accomplish with it before making our choice.