A Success Story about CRM

CRM is used when the odds of success increase greatly. Throughout the virtual world is said that these programs can doA�miracles in sales. And if we try a little, we may see one another anonymous experience that tells us that this is true, but quite frankly nothing motivates much as a name. This is because the web is full of promises and shows few results. We want to know about a success story

But this does not apply only to CRM, the truth is that it is a pattern that is repeated with many programs. Whether they be centers of digital bet, information sites or management activities or services everything is under doubt. Until someone does not bother to testifyA�the veracity of a fact few trust her page is taken. And talk about the benefits of the work andA�draw attention to the success or examples that the promises are real speak louder than promises unfulfilled.

That’s why we detail an example of how the CRM have help companies to meet its objectives. You may have heard this story but then details will show what happened and how it happened. So savor this success story of CRM applications.

What was Involved

Since we talk about something real first we have to know who are involved in this story. On behalf of the consuming public have a Coca-Cola Brazil. In your target audience have their customers and franchises that purchase their products in the country, about 18 at that time in Brazil. Finally, the principal, Oracle CRM On Demand to represent systems management solutions CRM.

The challenge

Coca-Cola Brazil was in a dilemma. Among the measures intended to implement the practical application of the various channels of communication available today it was. Since we are talking about an international company is not new marketing and tactics. However they were not satisfied with the measures taken were coming, so they decided to look new.

The result was the implementation of Oracle CRM order to take advantage of the currently used channels of information. These channels are digital and social. Directing your attention to the forms of communication offered by these channels and the broad target audience is looking to improve sales and attract more customers.

The result

In a short time communications with customers improved when using platforms that they were more accustomed. Social networks became the linchpin in the work of Coca-Cola Brazil allowing sales margins were raised. But far from making a slight growth that achievement Coca-Cola Brazil thanks to CRM was something historic. On average an average increase interactions between 15% and 20% were generated monthly.

In less than a month 37 million people followed the company on Facebook and 1.4 million people through other social networking accounts. Is there a target audience or a labor market with 37 million potential buyers imagine? We could hardly idealize, but you may remember, it is a real example of successful CRM. But how did they do it?


The adoption and management on social networks and communications management in them is not easy. However the CRM are devoted to it. The Oracle databases can easily synchronize all data communications. It collected from these channels are processed in order to provide a rapid response to customers. And we’re not talking about something simple. Recall that the media of these networks are handled automatically.

If, chat messages that reflect the status of the message as sent, received and read or seen are part of Facebook for some time. And the messages left on the wall also require attention and answers. Doubts must be channeled to relevant departments and continue the communication process promptly sending responses or model them.

The solutions

With so many forms of communication should emerge something that would improve the working dynamics. Oracle was the solution. The installation process and coupling a CRM system requires time and study further training. That is why everyone involved in the sales process and web attention were trained and this work is accomplished without neglecting the basic systems, phone numbers and web sites or emails.

When configuring the parsers and tasks based on dates coordination of work between departments and synchronization information is performed. Finally special attention to labor dynamics occurred. TheA�achievement done by Coca-Cola Brazil was an example of adaptive flexibility, improved customer relationships and improve interdepartmental communications.

As we were problems that can face any company. They are circumstances that may occur at any time but patience and dedication can bring about change. So we encourage you to give your example if I can already see results using your CRM system. If you do not see even wait and keep working, because although you will not see the same increases in sales if Coca-Cola Brazil will aim to be like this company.

So do not give up, try hard and persevere. Perhaps you are one of many examples of companies that provide success stories in the use of CRM.

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