Who needs a CRM SOFTWARE?

A marketing specialist came to indicate that a high level of investment in both digital marketing and initiatives towards the customer experience will be the main growth factors in the CRM market. That is why we present below a brief analysis showing that more companies are investing in CRM and the reasons they have for it. These companies have:

Communications companies, media and IT. These organizations tend to invest in analytical tools and provide customer experience better and more consistent.

Manufacturing, including consumer packaged goods or packaging. These industries use CRM systems management products and channels.

Banking and securities. The banking and securities firms rely on CRM systems to provide its customers quality service and sell more and better products.

But not only companies benefit from these verticals that leverage solutions to manage customer relationships. As large corporations are also opting to provide more personalized customer experiences, CRM is more crucial than ever before for the growth of any company.

Why invest so much in these systems?

Simply CRM systems that respond to the challenges of modern sales. The rise of social networks provides endless opportunities to reach potential customers and contact them, but these new contact points make things difficult when it comes to effectively track and monitor your business interactions with each potential customer.

CRM solutions have evolved to meet the challenges facing organizations today, integrating with other services and covering the multitude of channels through which sales opportunities and customers relate to companies. In addition, CRM allows marketing teams and sales effectively collaborate and share resources, avoiding duplication of effort.

A CRM has the tools for a more effective and relevant to specific sales scenarios content and sales team have what you need to close more deals and more quickly. This level of customization is virtually impossible to achieve, especially in organizations experiencing rapid growth and large corporations – without the organization and management workflow that provides a CRM system.

The dream of every entrepreneur to reach

As we know, who starts a business has only one goal in his head: Grow at full speed. But this presents new challenges. As organizations enter a growth phase, it is extremely easy to leave unattended to sales opportunities valuable-not because the marketing department is not doing their job or because the sales team is not closing negotiations, but because both teams are overloaded information.

Improve sales productivity is crucial to achieve new goals as far as revenue generation is concerned, but also for the company to grow. Without a central and streamlined CRM system, your marketing team and sales can spend hours checking emails and trying to contact their co-workers to obtain the latest information about their opportunities. This may in turn result in lost or duplicate appointments or inability to follow up vital tasks care sales opportunities throughout the sales funnel.

Moreover, each vendor may have a different sales process. In such a scenario, communications with sales opportunities will be inconsistent or, in the worst case, potential customers may have to repeat the same information every time you contact a representative of your company. Potential customers may be interested in your brand in a channel of social networks, but as the marketing department is not clear where the sales opportunity originated, your vendors could provide them with an outdated information needs or the needs of every potential customer .

Operation of CRM solutions in working groups

CRM systems like CRM HubSpot solve the many challenges that teams face marketing and sales. CRM systems effectively organize contact information and any interaction occurring in different channels of communication with the client, such as your website, email, phone calls, social networking and more. Today is really crucial that marketing teams and sales work as a cohesive unit, and CRM systems are the perfect solution to help organizations in promotion to achieve this goal.

Perhaps most important is that current CRM solutions work even with complex workflows sales teams in the process of rapid growth. CRM systems keep your team focused and synchronized, allowing more efficient use of time and eliminating many of the small tasks that take so long and do not add any value (for example, review past email to locate the latest communication a sales opportunity or track who was marketing representative who contacted last time with a potential client).

Today’s businesses can not risk losing valuable sales opportunities in the midst of a world that is becoming increasingly competitive. Your competitors are ready and waiting to capture sales opportunities that you have let slip. When growth is a priority, CRM systems allow processes necessary to facilitate interpersonal and personalized your potential and current customers are waiting for communication. A CRM system is not only crucial for long-term growth, it is also a competitive advantage.

Problems and solutions CRM poses for them

As we know CRM systems emerge as a solution programs. Here are some difficult circumstances and help provided to us having a CRM system.

  1. I have a problem with a client and the person who manages it is not in the office who do I have to address? This is quite common in business and not have to happen, with an implanted CRM at any time know who the person customer contact and who should go though the usual interlocutor of our company is not found. Also, if we have had incidents before with this same customer know.
  2. Every year I spend my marketing budget according to my intuition. This may to some entrepreneurs with great view and great vision serve them but is not usual, it is always better to make decisions based on objective data and taking into account the information that I have from my clients or my target audience to which I want to address. So get the budget we spend on marketing campaigns have maximum performance because it will be much more focused on the results we expect.
  3. Never find the information I seek because we distributed throughout the company. The person who answers the phone has an Excel with your own data, each business have theirs, responsible marketing a completely different and the manager has a different, not you but I’ve found that in many companies. A CRM centralizes all information, tailored to the business processes and presents it in a simple and manageable way for all alike. Is not it more practical and simple?
  4. It is I just went shopping to competition and do not know about your customers … We must dispel the myth that customers are commercial, although it is autonomous or Multiportfolio customers are enterprise, not commercial, and this will not be possible reply. If we all contact details, the contact person, the orders and other data that we may be useful stuck in the CRM, we will face this handicap differently because we will not lose customers, simply go to manage other person who may have with all this information to perform their job in the best way possible.
  5. I’ve noticed that entertainment expenses are getting higher but I have no idea why this is so. It may be that your business are performing a good job, but in turn increasing the expenses are higher, with CRM can analyze what the cause and remedy. It is possible that the routes are not optimized and some commercial customers are widely dispersed geographically, or your schedule of visits not planned properly. We can account for all these possible reasons and remedy quickly.
  6. This commercial … Are you going right or wrong? Why does not reach the goals? Now we have to make do with their explanations, with the help of a CRM have objective data and see if you are not succeeding in visits or did not get close enough or is having a bad distributed portfolio and should assign another area or give more customers. So far we could not take such decisions with real information, this tool also get to be fairer to our sales team and therefore more motivated them.

So, seeing all these systems solutions offer us no doubt that any company that wants to grow and sustain growth needs CRM system solutions.