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Ace inhibitors bisoprolol, labetalol, linsiopril, tekturna hctz – diovan reduces the amount of potassium in the blood; toxicity may occur as a result of taking this drug with other ace inhibitors.

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If your stomach is upset after taking Diovanalways take it after a meale.gbreakfast

In children and adolescents with hypertension where underlying renal abnormalities may be more commonrenal function and serum potassium should be closely monitored as clinically indicated.

Rare cases of rhabdomyolysis have been reported in patients receiving angiotensin II receptor blockers.

Other reported events seen less frequently in clinical trials included chest painsyncopeanorexiavomitingand angioedema.

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though very rare, leg cramps were reported in clinical trials using diovan without the diuretic .