CRM to WordPress

We like to talk a lot about CRM to WordPressa��s software because it has so many advantages and uses for users that make our work easier than ever before. The questions here are: How can we give the proper and best use? Which CRM works the best for this purpose? Well, inside all the implementations with which we can make several businesses there are, on top of everything, the ones related to websites or online stores in which you can make a good management of the clients in your business.

The best CRM to WordPress will be the one that helps us achieve the goals we are looking with the use of our website. If you are the kind of person that has developed his company or small business inside this digital era, you have probably used a WordPress platform through which you can upload your images or highlight the products, services or news that people try to find in the market. It has been a long time since WordPress stopped being just a simple blog manager and became a very profitable business resource that nowadays offers a lot of easy ways of using it.

CRM is a tool that is unique in its category that gives us more utility for our business as long as we use it for commercial purposes online, either for a webpage or a digital store. The CRM is perfectly capable to provide a lot of advantages to make things more direct and all the properties already installed in our software be located in the cyberspace we like so much and as a plus, is the ultimate trend, and it will be that way for a very long time.

Which one is the best?

Like CRM, WordPress has become an A-plus platform at a global sense, having as a result the increasing investigation in order to find even more alternatives to innovate in the business field.

If you have a business web and you are not following your clientsa�� interaction, you have to start doing that immediately. To have valuable information on the uses and customs of visitors is essential, therefore, if you have a site developed with WordPress, there are some specific Tools a��or plugins- for the CRM (Client Relationship Management), which will help you in this task. This term is relatively new, although it is used for more than two decades ago, but not so much on the Web.

In essence, a CRM uses technology to synchronize activities and data of all departments of a company to understand and interact with customers. The better you know the more likely we will be able to devise successful strategies in order to monetize our website. Although there are payment plugins that are very powerful and recommendable as Salesforce or, today we bring free platforms for WordPress.

Some plugins related to CRM to WordPress


As we have been talking in previous paragraphs, the versatility of the CRM to WordPress allows connecting the data information of every client and transactions as well as to keep a faithful tracking of each movement. This process can truly make our work a lot easier through the use of several types of plugins that have been designed to make that possible.

Each plugin has its specific function and combined with the rest work as a whole in order to become an integrated solution for your business. But, leta��s talk about some of these plugins, we have CiviCRM that is specially developed for non-profit and civil sector for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress and is perfect for organizations and event management, fundraising and other types of campaigns. Developers have a very integrated community dedicated to making this package robust software.

Things you should take into account

Regardless of its original purpose, the software is free for download by anyone with an interest in their use and dispose of their own CRM tailored solution. This software package can start storing and keeping track of your customers and your business, all inside your WordPress dashboard. It also comes with the front-end functionality that is useful to accommodate membership subscriptions and receive contributions. In addition, you will find that CiviCRM has features Off-Line, expanding the perspective of your business.

Some other plugins that create a good CRM to WordPress are WP-CRM, which allows you to manage both the generation and detailed contact information. Using custom forms, this plugin lets you edit and manage contacts within your WordPress Admin Panel.

Each contact record can be classified by type and has a track correspondence to know all the interactions. The plugin Pau Press comes with all the basics you need from a CRM, such as the basic management of every usera��s details, creating forms, generating custom fields, excellent features in the client organization, reports, mass actions and data management. The Plugin combines perfectly with the WordPress interface.

The WordPress Leads plugin is probably the easiest and most complete solution for WordPress lovers because it works with WordPress and WordPress Landing Page Call to Action to create a powerful generation system and free tracking for your Site. It is a solution with many features that comes with everything you need from a basic CRM. It integrates with other 75 service providers email marketing and managing subscriptions, Google Analytics, reporting tools and customer analysis, page conversions, synchronization with other systems, search functions and detailed customer information. A complete all-in-one.