Relationship between an ERP and CRM

What is the relationship between an ERP and CRM? Many times, when we seek information about a CRM we see it related to the acronym ERP. In this article we are going to know the meaning of ERP and see the relationship between an ERP and CRM.

First of all, what is an ERP?

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, are a set of systems that contain information about the company from a database, allowing that the organization can administer, and manage all the operations and activities of the different departments of it.

Contrary to CRM, ERP system is a platform to coordinate the company’s internal communication.

According to the manufacturer, there are two types of ERP:

ERP online: accessible directly from the web

Downloadable ERP: accessible from an application

Relationship between ERP and CRM

ERP Open Source

There are different types of ERP according to its programming team. Some companies offer ERP Open Source for enterprises to develop their own features or modify existing ones.

Open Source systems are characterized mainly for three reasons:

  • They allow access to the code
  • They tend to be free
  • Its functions can be improved

Software ERP

Programs of ERP Online

Some ERP programs online are:

Kubbos: is a program of management web so the companies to handle your billing, sales, shopping, store, etc.

Quartup: ERP application available in the cloud that helps entrepreneurs with their accounting.

ERPNext: Focuses on the control of the company. It has a free 30 day trial.

Downloadable ERP programs

Dolibarr: Focused on selling products and services.

OpenERP: Open source enterprise management system. It covers aspects such as accounting and finance.

Free ERP software

Some ERP are free software and provide free solutions to the company or have limited free plans.

Odoo: It has a free 30-day trial plan. Then customize the ERP for 20 euros each module and user.

Neogia: It is free for SMEs a platform.

ERP5: It has different plans, one free named Free and two paid.

Differences and similarities between CRM and ERP

A CRM, unlike ERP, and as you can see in the article types of CRM, is a system, which allows the interaction with the client company. And the ERP is a system, focused on the internal operations of the company.

But at the same time, a CRM and ERP have many things in common, so they are very similar but are used for other purposes.

The CRM is more focused on the management of the marketing, sales and customer relationships, while ERP is used for the internal planning of the Organization, but today, CRM also integrate operations related to the company, such as scheduling of tasks or meetings.

On the other hand, the ERP systems are intended for companies with a greater mass of employees and are more difficult to handle, but we also find various types of CRM for large organizations or small and medium-sized enterprises as sum CRM.

There are also platforms ERP-CRM, which is complex platforms that included within an ERP CRM.

ERP and CRM Business Intelligence

Both the ERP and CRM use business model Business Intelligence that helps Organization to optimize decisions.

BI modules are those that contain information of customers, contacts, processes and activities of the company. This is used to improve the performance of the company.


To conclude this article, we can say that a CRM is an application that covers aspects of marketing, sales and customers, and an ERP of production, finance and human resources. And working as one, theya��re very strong.