CRM for small businesses

Not only large corporations need good organization, since small businesses also should address certain aspects that enable them to become great someday.

So if you can implement a good CRM even if your company is starting or is very small. Remember that every successful path requires organization and attention to detail provided by customers. In this blog, we have previously explained the concept of CRM and what it can do for us. We have certainly made clear as it can lead to better business performance.


Why a company needs a CRM system?

Perhaps those responsible for managing customers comfortable with this track them using email and spreadsheets fairly easily, so what is the point of buying a special system to manage their relationships with customers?

In itself, companies buy a CRM system to help maintain competitiveness, keeping customers and sales on the way to the top. Or, in other words, they want a system that helps them manage in detail the business to keep customers happy.

However, the use of spreadsheets and email to manage your customers might work if there is only one in your business. But when you have two or more people in your company who deal with customers, these basic spreadsheets and e-mail systems to exchange information about customers is very difficult and can have a negative impact on their overall management.

Situations may arise that limit customer management, for example, say you have a conversation with a client and must register in a spreadsheet that is only accessible by you. If you are going on vacation and let customers track with a different colleague, how will they know what was said and agreed in the conversation he had with them before?

In these cases, CRM systems will help you be more professional and productive with their customers

Where do you start in choosing a CRM system for a small business?

You need to define 3 questions before implementing CRM in a small business.

1. Is Easy to learn and use?

It can be very tempting to buy a feature-rich system and the ability to make things interesting, but the features it has in a CRM, are more difficult to learn. If it is not easy to learn, then you will have special training courses. Training courses cost money and take time. In a small business, they rarely have the luxury of any of these elements to spare. For this aspect compare the characteristics of these three systems:

  1. Salesforce – It is used by many companies worldwide and is packed with features and capabilities. However, if the first try CRM, then it can be a difficult task to understand how to use it effectively for your small business.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft is best known for Windows A� and Office A�, but also have an online CRM system. If you use any other Microsoft product, then you will be familiar to you and should be easier to learn to use.
  3. Base – This is one of the simplest CRM systems on the market. It is easy to learn and easy to use for people who may be using a CRM for the first time. Base comes with a series of online videos showing you how to use it.

Consider that if the system is easy to use, you can learn in less than an hour.

2. Can I use it on my Smartphone?

If we analyze many CRM systems are excellent for use online via a web browser. But you have to choose a mobile version that can be used by smartphones. Why is this important?

When you are visiting a client, you have to be able to remember what the last time spoke before going to the meeting, and then consider what was agreed at the meeting later, when fresh in his memory. It is much easier to open your CRM on your smartphone to boot a laptop before and after the meeting.

Some compatible with your Smartphone CRM are: Capsule CRM – This is not only easy to use CRM. One of its great advantages is that you can use in recent versions of the three major smartphone platforms (Android and iPhone) so it is ideal for companies whose staff have smartphones.

Base has mobile applications for Android and iPhone. The mobile version is synchronized with the online system to perfection. It also has an interesting feature that asks if you would like to record calls from customers for smartphone with CRM. Also, webCRM is a mobile version of its free CRM for all users of its web version. It is available in a wide range of smartphones.

3. Is The Price understandable and accessible?

The price is an important factor and most CRM systems are surprisingly expensive. Often a monthly fee per user is required and adds more costs to use on your smartphone, and other features.

You must find and compare CRM systems with a simple pricing model that you can easily buy and have a free trial period, not to commit before knowing that you can use.

So far Base is one of the most sought systems for small businesses through simple it is. It’s simple to learn and use. The mobile app works great on Android, so it is really accessible, and it has no price until use.