CRM for Small Business

Systems for managing the relationship with customers (CRM) is a set of systems that optimize sales processes and customer relationships. However these have been relegated to large companies due to cost, maintenance, application complexity and the overall risk involved. But times are changing. The CRM are now also part of the workshop among smaller companies are realizing the value of being able to have a flexible basis for customer data.

The current market for CRM programs is full of many systems that are suitable for the small business. These programs allow them to track potential customers and clients, particularly when they are in the sales process to the details of any purchase history. These systems work in the cloud, allowing providers to offer a price lower initial purchase (usually licensed for a monthly subscription fee) and risk reduction at startup.

What are recommended?

Since as mentioned the network is saturated CRM systems available options here are five that stand out among others. These are: Sage ACT, SugarCRM, Salestrakr5, Maximizer CRM and Infusionsoft. Before delving into what makes every single vendor, we see the functionality offered by each vendor. After analyzing the information you can compare each system functionality each option:

Sage ACT!

Sage is a legacy vendor in the CRM space and ACT! It is one of the strongest of its portfolio products. ACT! It offers contact management for the small business. They offer expertise in multiple industries, including real estate and financial services. His latest product launch was the 2011 edition, it is introduced a user interface easier to use, and a new add-on that aggregates businesses need to provide contact information for Hoover and deposited directly into the ACT system!


Companies seeking a high level of flexibility and ownership of your CRM will want to take a look at SugarCRM, the leading open source CRM software. The Basic Edition is free and offers standard features such as contact and campaign management. For more sophisticated functions, companies will be able to see the paid editions. SugarCRM can be implemented in both facilities and at your program (SaaS).


This web-based solution is ideal for SMB owner looking to better align their sales and marketing teams. Salestrakr5 offers lead management, sales pipeline management, campaign management email and many other features that help to automate their sales and marketing processes. It also offers strong integration features, allowing users to import contacts from almost any CRM or contact management service provider email.

Maximizer CRM

Marketers are always on the move, looking for the next big opportunity. Maximizer CRM has strong capabilities for contact and opportunity management, but its mobile integration is what makes it shine. Using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, users can access vital contacts and account information from anywhere in the world. Entrepreneur edition is probably the best option for SMEs, but Maximizer makes it easy to upgrade to more robust editions as your company grows.


Infusionsoft was created by small business owners for small business owners. CRM offers basic capabilities with its most characteristic features focused on marketing automation. Perhaps the best feature offered is the Infusionsoft marketing mentor assigned to each client. CRM and marketing automation are complex systems that can often be intimidating. This teacher used to give the ease with which the user needs to manage the system and provide the training you need until you are ready to go it alone.

For which decide?

The system you choose will depend entirely on the business goals and preferences you have of each feature. It is not uncommon for new users to switch between two or three platforms before deciding what works best for them as they use often determines the needs therefore should be the same for each platform in our case before deciding on one.

We may also obtain information about them through pages of advice on CRM software. Another option is to stay informed about news and tips that will bring email marketing professionals. These companies will provide information about the tools you need your business and advertising it by email.