CRM for nonprofits


There are a lot of nonprofits organizations around the world, and some of them, use CRM software, to achieve better and fast results.

In this article we are going to describe some options of CRM for nonprofits

Salesforce for Nonprofits

We’ve already talked about this great CRM at previous articles and in the field of donations is not less interesting.

Salesforce, we can say the following:


Salesforce manages the process of donations from the commitment of participation until the payment itself, which may be from individual donations to big donations.

Performs a process standardized from the donations, this facilitates the analysis and automation of the repetitive tasks theya��re also known as routines.

Also the donation process is improved, this results in improvement of the workflow and data cleansing process. Annual campaigns, financial institutions, campaigns of email and event management are also managed.


You can get a complete picture from volunteers, clients, institutions and donors as such, all in one place.

This view, includes information such as:

  • Historical activity
  • Historical donations
  • Events and programs that has attended
  • Any other relevant information.

It can also access the social profiles of the donors such as, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Having this contact with the donor, strength relations and obtain donor to long term relationships.

Blackbaud CRM

It is a complete CRM solution for nonprofits corporations.

Blackbaud CRM contributes to form stronger relationships and to deal with the challenges of fundraising, all this is accomplished by providing a comprehensive overview of the Organization to the donor.

Blackbaud CRM brings applications on line, search of prospects, analytical data and include direct marketing that, working together in a single platform, provide an integral vision to the donor through the process of donation.


Its main features include:

  • Unified view of the donor
  • Multidimensional relationship view
  • Tracking and monitoring of donors through the life cycle of the donation
  • Integration with Microsoft
  • Increases the understanding of the donors

Blackbaud CRM also has robust capabilities, which increase the retention of donors, and also improve the results of the campaigns as, is reaching right prospects at the right time, and giving them the right message.

In addition, Blackbaud CRM includes the life cycles of marketing and communications.

Donorpro suite & Salsa Labs

This CRM aims to change the way in that is attracts, increases and retains to its contributors.

Salsa Dynamic Fundraising Software suite, is considered a secret weapon that will take you to success in the fundraising.

Salsa as CRM use best practices, will be applied such as:


It is there to reach the potential contributors with the precise message. It is important to get to knowing and segment the different industries. It is also possible to apply different strategies of attraction, based on where they are located in the development cycle.


The current market is multichannel and as a result, communications between online and offline channels must be distinct. Reach potential donors electronically via email, social networks, mobile devices or in person it is possible. To achieve this, Salsa unify into a single platform allA�the process.


SALSA made possible due to its versatility, the performance process is easier for the donors . It is possible to enable donations by check or online.

Connection methods are also enabled with taxpayers, as invitations to volunteer at an event, inviting them to participate directly or simply registering on the site newsletter.

All this makes it easier to capture contributors with good intentions.


The success of nonprofit relations depends on great way to manage data, continuous feedback with donors, and continuous improvement. For this reason, SALSA provides reports and analysis that help at every stage of the process. All this for best results.


As we have seen, there are some interesting options in the field of CRM for NONPROFITS, now on their side get to choose the option that goes best with your organization, and thus, to the success to your organization catapulte it reaching correct donors