CRM for startups

Many new companies are adopting digital solutions that enable them to be more effective in the short term and above all improve productivity for the customer. One of the many ways to achieve this is by having a system of management of user data or what is commonly known as CRM.

CRM applications have become part of companies in a decisive manner. The CRM in a company to manage the relationship with customers and know them, thanks to the phone number or any contact held by the customer, without asking more than once and thus customize the content of the communication.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an application that lets you manage an SME relationship with its customers. You manage everything related to a sales process, from initial marketing campaigns to sell up activities after it. According to Philip Kotler, CRM is “managing customer relationships is the process of carefully manage the detailed information of each customer or prospect, and all points of contact in order to maximize their loyalty.”

CRM features in the company.

A CRM provides a competitive advantage in the daily treatment of customers, managing effectively and profitably lifecycle of selling, from customer contact, until closing. This business philosophy seeks to attract new customers, understand and anticipate customer requirements, existing and potential, to try to identify their needs.

Finally, it seeks to provide added value to customers, which allows not only meet their needs but ensure their loyalty. All this in order to maintain long-term profitability. Therefore we can catalog your main three essential features. Companies according to their size can add more lately, or customize your CRM with open source software.

Customer Management: Within this feature the customer service functions, customer relations through media, after sales care, etc. are in this way we can manage your requests, product shipments, delivery, complaints or incidents

Negotiations management: This section will collect all the business we have with customers, meetings, visits, type of product they are interested, etc. So we can offer customized solutions.

Marketing management: In this section we can analyze all the data of promotional campaigns.

How does it help us a CRM in a company?

The CRM for new companies will help you to anticipate before the competition to offer consumers more appropriate solutions, because it is a customer-oriented tool which puts you in the center of the organization

The tool has three main modules that were already explained in the article CRM modules.

Customer Support



Depending on the company can add more or less modules. The company according to your needs can personalize your CRM. Therefore, the CRM gives the company the opportunity to have updated data and save time, since the speed when searching for information is one of its advantages.

Mobile CRM in companies

Accessibility is one of the attributes that are offering CRM today thanks to CRM Mobile. Today Responsive design is on the agenda. Using this tool, and only with Internet access we can access CRM information anywhere and place, as well as record data on the tool immediately.

Benefits of implementing a strategy and implementation of CRM solutions

  • Get new clients.
  • Retain existing customers.
  • Improve relationships with existing customers.
  • Achieving sell more to existing customers.
  • There are several elements to be considered before implementing a CRM in an SME. Among them they can be listed:
  • Create an organizational culture that allows it to be a business philosophy, where all the staff manages, under this approach, around the customer.
  • Define what you want to hear from customers.
  • Determine which channels are best suited for that customer information (phone, electronic media, personal contact or other).
  • Organize the captured information and identify potential business opportunities.
  • Choose and implement a management tool (CRM) according to the possibilities of the organization.
  • Plan necessary to ensure that they meet customer needs activities.
  • Improve the plan and repeat the cycle feeding back the whole process.

Why think of many points?

Like any technology investment, the decision to purchase a customer management tool, for an SME must be taken carefully. Although today, due to the options found in such applications in the “cloud” greatly facilitate the decision and implementation process. However, it is important the commitment of all members of the organization for this change.

CRM tool actually facilitates access and standardization of customer information. Help also to maximize relationships with current customers and allows more sales with less time and resources are achieved.

However, the idea is not only more stats customers and sales, but actually get valuable information to increase sales, but more importantly, achieving and maintaining customer loyalty of an SME. It really is a strategy that can bring, well managed, planned and implemented, many benefits.