CRM for Google Apps


Nowadays, we shouldna��t think in CRM as a technological solution, but we should see them as a tool that let us implement business strategies from day to day.

So ita��s very important to be clear about, what are we selling? Who are we going to sell it? How are we going to do it? And finally, how are we going to develop business relationships?

Thata��s where CRM appear in the scene. We should see the process like:

Possibilities – Contacts -A�Opportunities -A�Sales

In this matter, therea��s a group of applications known as Google Apps that let you transform his functionalities to work as CRM. And that will be our main topic in this article, the CRM for Google Apps.

Google Apps

The Google Apps are very variated and wea��ll be talking about them in a short way.

  • Gmail, including contacts
  • Calendar
  • Docs
  • Sheets of calculo
  • Google Drive
  • Hangouts
  • Sites
  • Vault, Google +


It is a little bit more, than a basic email client. Allow us to access from any mobile device, easily search information, and contact other people, through voice and text or video chat.


Allow synchronize with different collaborators. Organize our day, receive reminders of events or meeting during the day in our cell phone or email, send files or documents.


Docs, ita��s a word processor that allow to create, send, modify or collaborate building documents with text or even with images.

Sheets allow us to create calculations, or lists like other famous applications.


Ita��s a data server in the cloud. Allow you to have synchronized local files with Google, doing this, is possible to access to them from anywhere literally, also is possible to share them quickly.


Ita��s a communications application that integrates text, voice and video chats to keep in touch and have reunions from anywhere. Ita��s possible to talk with other 15 people at the same time.


Ita��s a webserver that allow you to create, publish and share websites and an interesting feature is that you can allow access to specific users or clients.

So, ita��s possible to use this great platform, as CRM, here are some of the pros to do it:

  • Support for contact data: Sheets is able to use for create data structure, this feature is used in marketing automation.
  • Contacts Storage: All contacts will be in one single place.
  • Marketing Automation: Using a marketing automation platform is possible to send sequence of messages and score leads.
  • Relationships: Sheets and custom fields, could be used to manage relationships with customers, clients, leads and even more.
  • Organize Emails: As is said, this feature will help you to, in an easy way link all your emails, and send or receive them.
  • Full History: It is possible to create notes, docs, conversations or other files and, attach them into a contacta��this make a lot easy to find historical data.

So as we could see, therea��s way to integrate CRM for Google Apps, therea��s also a bunch of applications that integrate with Gmail at least, to achieve ita�� herea��s another list:

Insightly CRM

  • Ita��s possible to track leads, create proposals, and projects.
  • Assign Tasks, attach files or get mail reminders.

Zoho CRM

  • Manage all emails
  • Create tasks with one click
  • Synchronize Gmail contacts with Zoho


Flexible CRM for small business and sales team. Enable the chance to keep track of customers and contacts. Also integrate web accounting and invoicing, with payment status.


So as we see, therea��s infinite possibilities to use Google Apps to build aA�CRMA�solution, is also a less expensive solution, web-based alternative, and all of this, using only one password. Then, if you are considering to use CRM for Google Apps, we can tell you ita��s a great option to consider.