As we know, the CRM applications, are everyday more and more used in the business world, but when we look to the Macintosh users the available options are a little short, so, in this article, we will let you know, which are the pros of every option, and in this way, you will be able to decide which could be the best option for you as a MAC user.


  • It offers a wide variety of products. For example, isna��t necessary to install any type of software or hardware; so you can quickly start to work and see positive results in your business. This is because the entire platform is online, which allows customers and users access it from different sites or devices.
  • Chatter: This messaging service allows you to collaborate with colleagues of the company into a kind of private and exclusive social network for employees.

Elements CRM

Elements CRM is one of the best CRM software for Mac that we can find. Stresses above all for your safety, a really surprising robustness, and a bunch of features that integrate seamlessly with other applications of Mac OS. As expected, it’s a clearly focused program to the professional environment, so it has sales tools and marketing, very useful for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM is an integrated management tool for sales, marketing and customer service that will allow you to attract potential customers, provide a customer acquisition more quickly and efficiently, and so feed your success in business anywhere, anytime and with any device.

With a combination unmatched mobile and web access to data in real time, social networks, integration with LinkedIn, business intelligence, marketing campaigns and integration with iCalendar, combined with the convenience of an access license, Maximizer CRM offers a complete CRM solution.

Zoho CRM

We wrote about Zoho in this link.

Sugar CRM

We also wrote about SugarCRM here


Is the only software all-in-one of sales and marketing designed for small and medium-sized companies and also for info-marketers committed in getting results of their actions of marketing.

Benefits of InfusionSoft

  • CRM to help you capture new prospects, optimize the sales process and close more potential business.
  • Marketing by email and Social Media to create campaigns specific that involve and turn potential customers into real clients through a cycle of sales strategy.
  • E-commerce to increase online sales by connecting your store to the records of contacts. You can link up InfusionSoft with Shopify, for example.
  • InfusionSoft is very simple and easy of use; the learning curve is quick.
  • It offers good functionality.
  • Pricing plans depending on the needs and the size of your company.
  • Program comes with numerous capabilities for the educational phase of the potential customer and greater profitability.
  • It makes your sales and your marketing simple, gathering everything you need in a single system accessible from the cloud.
  • It saves your valuable time.


Inherent to NetSuite ERP integration provides complete visibility of all data and interactions with clients, including those relating to financial transactions. The fact to give the team sales or support the visibility of quotes, orders, invoices, credits, the limit credits and accounts receivable, difference to NetSuite from the heap of Business Informatics specialized only in CRM.

Any industry of the Software as Service (SaaS) can overcome the suitability of NetSuite in the process of charging cash (order-to-cash). The processes of dispatch of orders are full of functions and extend through the entire administrative suite of CRM. This is particularly useful for sales teams responsible for processing orders, as well as also to ensure that the orders are delivered correctly and in time.

While the majority of NetSuite vertical market solutions are mainly horizontal product reconfigurations, OpenAir acquisition in 2007 gives NetSuite a strong advantage over the highly competitive market for professional services. This is a great choice and for sure should be considered by: IT consultants, legal, accounting, government contractors and other workers in the area of professional services.

Although it is still a small company, NetSuite is led by a talented management, is solvent and is growing. Performance planned continuous will make this company a global actor on the market of medium-sized companies.


It is an application created by marketcircle for Mac that allows entrepreneurs in charge of small business but growing, sort his pending tasks.

The application is paid although its cost is less than the other similar services. It will allow you to focus on a single window from the e-mail, the calendar with the dates that you must not overlook, to-do lists and business reports.

If you have agreed a meeting, in addition to remind you of the appointment, you can include information about the place, the time, the reason for the meeting and attendees as well as also generate links to projects, emails that you have sent with those people and other tasks.


So as you could see there is a lot of interesting information to read about, we hope that viewing this article, you were able to take the right decision for you and your business.
Thanks for reading.