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When considering synthroid and weight gain it is important to consider the results of one s bloodwork and any other lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the weight gain.

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SYNTHROID is administered as a single daily dosepreferably one-half to one-hour before breakfastSYNTHROID should be taken at least 4 hours apart from drugs that are known to interfere with its absorptionsee DRUG INTERACTIONS

4Product InformationSynthroidlevothyroxineAbbott PharmaceuticalAbbott ParkIL.

Tell your doctor and pharmacist about all of your drugsprescription or OTCnatural productsvitaminsand health problemsYou must check to make sure that it is safe for you to take Synthroidlevothyroxine tabletswith all of your drugs and health problemsDo not startstopor change the dose of any drug without checking with your doctor.

Diabetesinsulin or oral diabetes medication doses may need to be changed when you start taking levothyroxine

Inadequate levothyroxine dosage will produce or fail to ameliorate the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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