Best CRM Open source

Information is a powerful tool that many use in their favor. In the business field, know the environment in which he plays is critical in business strategy. Therefore, companies seek more information about what their customers prefer. This leads them to optimize both the treatment given to theA�client as the product or service provided.

However, theA�investment of time and money by the company to calculate and determine the statistics they need is not an option. CRM softwares are the next step for companies. These are computer systems to support the management of customer relationships. This includes marketing and sales. Store sales data as well as the customers you have.

You must remember that it is not just a simple customer history. They provide a complete analysis of what your customers may need in the future. If used correctly, they can connect with your accounting system and help with tracking revenue or costs.

If we talk about widespread, the CRM is a combination of practices devised and designed to take a company to be closer to its customers. This brings the company to learn more about what the market is looking for, seeking grow and become more valuable in their field.


Open source for CRM

To implement the CRM system only needs a web server, database and browser. This is a free software combined with an open source which will provide an advantage over the competition.

These systems are well known, but not all are the best CRM open source . One of the most used is currently the SugarCRM. This has served as a home to other types of very similar systems. It works on platforms that offer PHP (Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X). The advantage of this system is that it performs almost entirely the features that a business needs or requires. Even has support options for mobile devices and tools marketing. SugarCRM has a hosted version and a community.

Other CRM open source system are: vtigerCRM, CiviCRM, Fat Free CRM and Zurmo. These include a free trial for a week and each has different functions according to the different needs


System Characteristics

vtigerCRM is a tool open source Salesforce. It has auto sales and inventory management, customer service support, analysis and reporting. However, it lacks certain features task management, collaboration and integration of third parts.

In the case of CiviCRM it is designed for non-profit organizations. It allows you to manage each donor and contributions. As well as organize campaigns and monitor the funds raised.

On the other hand, Fat Free CRM is a functional system very convenient to use. Thanks to the implementation of plugins and programming Ruby development has a very simple application. It is excellent for small businesses.

Finally, Zurmo combines management system customer relations and gamification. It is the union of techniques, objects and dynamics of a game of leisure in recreational operations. This leads to motivation, which reinforces the behavior to achieve a goal. This has led him to be one of the strategies with better results in recruitment, loyalty and commitment in marketing. Thanks to its open source is available, as well as other platforms, in downloadable form for your servers.