Customer Management for Office 365

While it is true that keep up and create a system that can adapt to any platform and be just as functional in all systems, is not an easy task. But not impossible, and CRM management systems prove it. By adapting operating systems to a degree that encourage others to make improvements to existing systems solution.A�But CRM adapts not only operating systems. The truth is that CRM systems are integrated even in programs and applications, including the new Office 365. ConsidererA�that there are not only CRM systems that make up this package to your database, Microsoft has also presented its CRM application to Office 365.

The purpose of these innovations for Office 365

Lets say that you haveA�the opportunity to manage your portfolio, your data, perform management tasks, control of operations and marketing, state and contracted services, invitations, post office, offers, among others. You will need aA�CRM solutions adapt to the Office package.

Thus, as it not only provides a notebook but analysis tables and data control, writing email, preparation of slides and editing of additional material to attach all in the same package. If we add to this the possibility of managing our trade relations, we would achieve much more.

If we take into account the agents that led to the integration of the Office package solution to CRM systems then see what benefits can be found in such solutions but focus on the Office 365
tools available

Management Tools for CRM with office 365

When integrating the CRM solution or to request the official version of Microsoft’s Office 365 Admin Center Partner solution; we have access to some management tools whose purpose is to promote our customer management. Here are some:

  1. Client List: synchronizes with our contact lists, so only enter part of the name or the full name is enough to get the customer data in question.
  2. Customer details: would you like to receive information about our services and promotions? Should you wish How often should we write? When was the last contact? The answer to these questions will get them to perform analysis mail and contact details, which can update and change according to the data we collect.
  3. Service Status: if we have any pending operation, an application, a service in progress, all we can monitor it through management systems.
  4. Quick Links: configures client information and synchronized with the status of operations with the purpose of providing administrative information in the time required.
  5. Incident Control: produces reports that are available in case of unforeseen events with a service to a customer.
  6. Health status: displays events or problems that may be suffering from a client, existing or exceeded and allows you to plan how to organize future events.

Other functions

Overall we have seen analysis of customer information are made to take action based on the information obtained. But not everything is centered on customers. Solutions that integrate the Office package also perform tasksA�management A�on behalf of the user. A�It handles different centers A�management depending on the program used to access the database quick links and have them available to those who require or grant administrative permissions according to the roles of each user.

Since the program allows more than one user performs the functions manager, also notifies other users projects changes. A�As well as the creation of new and updated data so it always has the latest information rather than leave it in the background making the job based on old data.

We can also management service requests through these systems. Also special services and what conditions need to monitor, add notes on them or delete them. If dealing with a problem solved or add new service requests is also part of the benefit of the system in the sales area.

And security?

Since conventional solutions its been replace with working in the cloud, many often worry about the information stored there. The question of whether will be available at any time and who will get access to it arises. Taking this as a reason that these solutions have a unique system that Microsoft itself implements in its settlement system. Encryption keys to ensure information security.

And if our customers wonder about how their information is used, you can configure the system to send a detailed control of the use of each clientA�data. These reports are reliable and cannot be forged. The concept of these systems is to achieve a transparent process that ensures that contact details and interests of a client are not available to anyone. As wel as that their views are respected with regard to information management.