CRM with texting

With a 98% share of opening, the humble text message is one of the most effective forms of digital communication. Here’s how you can take advantage of this powerful marketing channel so easy to manage. Many brands of hospitality follow the latest trends and use social networking applications like Twitter or Snapchat to attract customers, and can be easy to forget the simplest form of digital communication: the text message.

It is simple and safe, but what is it that gives you so hard? Please note the following:

  • Around four billion people use mobile phones to send text messages.
  • In campaigns texting is no need for a new mobile application users are downloading or another profile believe more in a social network.
  • According to the report TripBarometer on TripAdvisor travelers connected, almost half of the survey participants said they used mobile for planning vacations and booking accommodation or activities.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this tool it recommended itself as a CRM system solutions read on to find out how they can help campaigns text messages to capture those customers using mobile often.

How a text messaging campaign

The text messaging campaigns work very similar to the way email. a recipient list is created. messages are sent. You try to get results. As in the case of email, each country has legislation on how to reach subscribers. Users should be able to choose who they want to receive messages, and there must be a clear way to unsubscribe. In this way customers pay for text messages on your phone bill can avoid unforeseen expenses.

Text messages have an opening percentage of 98%, while stronger campaigns email are lucky if they reach 30%. Text campaigns and email differ in the opportunity to capture. Text messages have an opening percentage of 98%, while even stronger campaigns email are lucky if they reach 30%.

Another point in favor of texting is that everything can be done on the same platform. For example, imagine you want to invite customers to a special event. When you send the email invitation for users to respond and confirm whether to attend must register by an external web form. With text messages, it’s just a matter of answering “Yes” or “No”.

How they are using text messaging campaigns


To learn more about text messaging campaigns and how they use the different branches of trade different interviews were conducted. Among them one was to know how they could apply for the industry of tourism and hospitality, and the answer was a revelation, restaurants are one of the largest customers of the platform.

SlickText, a company that is dedicated to this type of information management has recently worked on EE. UU. with Wing City Grill. The two locations of the brand wanted to grow your subscriber list text and develop a program that will encourage customers to return to the restaurant by holding special events and exclusive offers.

But how did this project come about? The first step was to specify a target, this was to increase the subscriber base Wing City Grill. For this campaign was created with instructions to register, type: “Send JOIN to 12345,” which appeared in folding brochures on the tables of restaurants in digital billboards and even cubicles in the bathrooms. “There was no verbal action by employees,” said one of those involved in the campaign. “The business owner wanted the campaign was carried out without distracting employees and managers.”

All persons who chose to enter the list instantly receive a coupon for $ 2 and entered into a weekly drawing for a gift card of $ 25 Wing City Grill. The chain SlickText also used the platform to capture email addresses and birthdays. Every few weeks the restaurant sent an exclusive promotion to subscribers, who are also tempted with special offers on their birthday.

What it was the result of this experiment?

In two months, the brand had doubled its subscriber list. Customers who used the instant coupon of 2 $ and usually correspond to higher accounts and managers suspected that the discount encouraged diners ordered an appetizer or an extra drink. Each time the brand promotion sent a text, a rise in orders made use coupon code included in the message was produced.

There is no doubt that text messages have a much higher percentage of openness and exchange rate also higher than emails when made strong bids, so why not encourage one? Perhaps this is just an example and want to be quite sure what we will do and we will receive as compensation for this is not a direct customer management system, so let’s look at another case.

Text messaging campaigns for hotels

The text messaging campaigns hotels are very different. In short, people can go out to eat several times a month, but most travelers need a hotel room just a few times a year. Customers expect different services and less frequent collection program. That’s why hotels could integrate into your customer management software platform text messaging and use the tool to confirm reservations. The accommodation could then send special offers every six months.

The result, each time a ticket is purchased the probability of receiving said traveler in our hotel increase since it is aware of the amounts of bed and breakfasts, what we offer for your entertainment, we offer seasonal and probably have before what we expect reservations lists.

Therefore we should not give up, and SlickText conducted its work in the field of restaurants and continuously, in more many information managers and analysts thereof are willing to devise a system that attract the attention of your customers, show services it offered and keep it in today’s market at the top by leveraging text messages as a management tool CRM.