CRM with social media integration

Given that the main objective of any CRM platform is to increase customer satisfaction and improve the experience of this, integrating CRM with social networking also it offers some benefits for businesses, and also for its customers. This is achieved through a medium or rather, a goal, a task that was considered unnecessary for years, better communication with the client.

Integration with social media help the communication channels are open constantly. Companies can interact with customers at any time, and customers always have an outlet for their complaints, concerns and questions. This provides customers with constant access to aid, assistance and answers, with the assurance that the company will recognize and address their problems.

How does this affect business?

The existence and operation of this feature implies that the company be notified in due time about the problems that may arise. It provides the tools to manage customer dissatisfaction and correct problems in a public way tools. In short, integration with social media provides companies managing the interaction. Customers have a mode of communication that ensures that your problems are addressed, while companies take advantage of the benefits of responding quickly and completely to customer problems.

Companies can also use social media effectively to learn about the views and experiences of its customers allowing them to better build their business. Furthermore, interaction makes customers feel important and valued, which helps ensure repeat business and customer loyalty. But how do we take this opportunity? Through the effort and good information management.

A well-designed app ensures that customers take our business anywhere. Applications streamline shopping, help us to check the status of deliveries, we make navigation easier, allowing customers to view and write reviews of our products, and more. Companies can capitalize applications using push notifications, offering exclusive benefits through the application, such as presales and special discounts. Indeed, applications work like a charm, a benefit, a reminder and comfort all in one.

We can also perform a social media monitoring, this operation will allow us to evaluate customer satisfaction and manage reputation by tracking and review of the online presence, as written by third -Media and customer feedback, etc. Social monitoring is both a protection and an advantage, allowing it to identify and effectively address the issues of reputation and public opinion ahead of time. Integration into social media offers business tools that help track, monitor and to thank or repair as appropriate.

Information management and reputation

Through public management of customer interactions and addressing complaints actively, integrating CRM with social networks gives the company the ability to keep satisfied and engaged customers while interacting with customers through a variety of channels. This translates directly to the management and effective maintenance of business reputation. CRM systems help us in this area and so many companies choose to integrate.
The integration of social media and CRM presents several advantages, benefits and opportunities for business owners. By giving organizations the tools they need to manage all aspects of customer contact, CRM and social media integration benefits customers and long term, also to the company, since it has the ease of having a single point of management to integrated large scale. It offers significant benefits to customers, ensuring controlled, complete and responsive customer service experience. In the end, this helps to ensure effective, responsible and successful business.

Integrated social CRM: Social Networks for achieving customer loyalty

One of the biggest challenges is to develop social CRM strategies so that seamlessly integrate into existing CRM system. A solution of social CRM integrated allows a uniform interface work: This will not remain unanswered requests for contact and response times are accelerated in a direct dialogue with customers, so it is possible to improve the relationship with customers sustainably.

With the integration of social networks CAS genesisWorld is possible to use sources of information such as, Facebook, XING or Twitter to enrich the missing contacts data. If necessary, the reference databases of service providers as bedirect contact addresses or Yellowmap can also correct or enrich customer addresses.
The truth is that: In the future will be inescapable perform an integration of social CRM in the consolidated customer loyalty management.