Crm integration to SAP ECC

The technological world has not led to implement different innovative techniques that make our daily work and to improve it. The purpose is that the end result is as good as we have set ourselves at the start of the project. For this reason we must know the ways to integrate our CRM to SAP ECC with confidence.

What is SAP ERP Central Components?

It is a resource that belongs to SAP. Software enterprise resource planning consisting of several modules, which provides companies with control over the main and most important business processes. These modules communicate with each other to create a specific comprehensive solution for almost any customer in any industry market. Also you can get modafinil online

When a company implements SAP ECC must recognize the radical changes that take. This is changing the way in which extremely vital to the work processes information is handled. Also, we impelled the benefits granted this type of system, designed to lead us to success, so they are very valuable.

SAP ECC is based options most wanted in different organization for its various modules. Such as:

  • Financial (FI)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)

An integrated CRM to ECC for the sales pipeline.

By integrating both system you’ve got a single integrated to improve productivity and functionality of your company’s system. This is because sum the results of both systems, multiplying the results and benefits, which represents a major achievement for the company. In addition, when joined, they linked differences in design and configuration. By integrating, its features are synchronized perfectly. Why you should buy diflucan online?

When a company considers integrate processes based on core business systems, the result value is undeniable. Systems or applications are designed to achieve definitively business processes and boost the functionality of an organization. In this case SAP-CRM was created to lead the management of long-term relationships with customers through knowledge.

Similarly, SAP-ECC is designed for efficiency by monitoring daily business operations. This is done through various functions such as sales, logistics, finance and others.

For example: Within an integrated system of SAP CRM-ECC key processes are analyzed. These key processes include: Campaing- total Leads, Leads-to-Opportunities, Opportunities-to-Quote (Within SAP CRM); Quote-to-Order and Order-to-Cash (In SAP-ECC). Sistea applications that are used for each process are to: Campaign Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management and Sales & Distribution (SD).

The integration of SAP-CRM with ECC systems are constructed to have the ability to unify from start to finish in the process flow. Among other benefits that the ECC CRM integration is connecting with other processes to improve business productivity.

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SAP-CRM-ECC Opportunity Management

This process is very important for the sales team. Opportunity Management SAP CRM provides help and guidance to the person responsible for managing and identify business opportunities that represent potential sales. a document to determine the opportunity is created, it can be Campaign, lead or activity. In this case the Lead is considered the opportunity prior to the document. The transaction history assigns a block overview page opportunity. This provides information about the documents that were successful and those who give prior information, so the entire document flow is updated in this section.

When creating track document, all the information and data we need from an original document is copied into the new document.

ECC Quotation from CRM Opportunity

If you create a document tracking ECC Quotation from the CRM opportunity, this is created directly in the integrated SAP ECC system. This copy essential data to the sales document automatically. customers, functions relevant partners, sales data by area, price, sales volume, net worth and status: In the CRM opportunity as the required data are stored.

Thanks to this integration, we can navigate the ECC Quotation from SAP ECC to Opportunity Transaction History in the SAP CRM system. Rest all processes such as logistics, finance and billing occur in SAP ECC.

All this is a process flow created by a map data in both systems to customize and configure. Now, we must ensure that documents have been created without any error.

Business with SAP-CRM-ECC

The pattern of business partners in both systems is very different from each other. For example in SAP-ECC customers are organized based on a grouped with a predetermined pattern functions for partner account. On the other hand, in SAP-CRM business partners are classified. So a map of two forms of business partners between SAP CRM-ECC is needed to achieve sync.

Moreover material handling in SAP ECC is performed by assigning a rank number and categories with groups. The Opportunities are created in the CRM system with data obtained from SAP ECC. Now, for a successful document between the two systems, it is necessary that all transactions are mapped and saved. According complexity or simplicity of design and scale and the extent of integration, then the complexity of joining systems.

It is through this integration that the possibilities of creating a harmonious flow of documents possible with the union of the CRM-ECC systems.

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