crm for e-commerce: news 2016

If anything is clear in these days, it is that thanks to crm for e-commerce and ease of offering a product through the web, physical stores are things of the past. He no longer needs to make sales, and this is something that is seen throughout the world. Statistically online trading accounts for 6% of total trade in the world. It is for this reason that the internet is considered the platform of the new traders and entrepreneurs.

And now a physical store is not required to offer products, the same applies for services. Many professionals Web- as an office, and solution focus, but what achieved this change? In recent years, An amazing adaptation. Internet until recently was a forbidden topic but today is the working environment of most industries in the world.

The evolution of e-commerce

Stores pioneer in this field grew out of an effort in programming not always successful. Initially, it was common to follow a long series of steps to make a purchase but eventually appeared sometimes a mistake. So many thought that it would not be possible, but thanks to the patience and time provided access systems, utility and communications between the seller and customers were achieved.

Only a few steps were enough to promote products and make the store accessible to anyone. Today, thanks to these efforts we live in the golden age of e-commerce. It’s so simple that if we change our profession we just sit and think to offer, look average prices and last offer.

This is such a strong trend, it is estimated that 10% of invoices in world trade will come online market by 2018. However, success depends not just sit and wait. As we know many people as we know the market exists online. So the question is, What must we do to be successful in the web market? Well, simply apply the principles or use another product systems, CRM.

CRM for Ecommerce

Since the e-commerce platforms should generate enough revenue to stay, it makes sense to find ways to attract more customers. That’s why the recommendation to work these systems are not only driving the marketing but also consolidated as leaders who use them to sell. This is something that e-commerce accept, because not only attract customers but must automate platforms and maximize resources.

CRM allow this by studying what they know about your target market, to see what they want our buyers and to establish effective marketing tactics. If this is done, administrative management and improvements platform starts. If you thought being independent enough, we encourage you to see this work as a way to grow a business level, so that you can understand the reason for the following points.

E-commerce and CRM, integration platforms

The best bet to do at the technical level is to unite these systems and managing both customers and sales through them. But CRM not only allow this. Also they drive our growth, so you can stop being a simple seller in a short time and be small entrepreneurs who must manage a chain of command and communication objectives that the CRM cover.

Another point is that both systems coincide planning. The e-commerce requires communication, objective approach and progress display, this is all part of the planning process and control. CRM is responsible for coordinating activities, assign tasks, frequently check the status of compliance with objectives and intranet communication channels and customers.

So we can know what we should do, when to do, how to do and needs our target market. Finally, the CRM in its work enhancers manage both social networks like blogs pages and reports by showing what our customers need, so that we can adapt to these needs our means to get more attention.

We must act to be leaders from the time we started in the world of digital marketing. This is something that has already clarified in the development of the article. So we encourage you to give those steps and grow in this globalized world where opportunities are within reach of a click, using as a guide the principles of e-commerce and CRM to complement and be No. 1 in its market .

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