CRM for currency management

The managing exchange rates and currencies is part of the way of working of many companies. This type of work generates in turn a special need for a CRM solution that fits this activity. But really there is a CRM solution that suits currency management? Yes, since 2011 the CRM platform account permanently with solutions adapted to handle different types of coins to provide even them the benefits of the CRM solution.

If this is your work area this article is for you. The recommendation from those who use this type of management as a work area is to the Dynamics CRM platform. Within this set of applications you can find XrmToolbox. This solution developed by @TanguyTouzard, defined as its author; France is available on the network to be downloaded and used by those who need it and served as a basis for creating other solutions to manage changes and currencies.

What includes a crm currency management?

XrmToolbox includes a subset of tools to work with Dynamics CRM. In total there are 16 tools to turn the adaptation of other applications. In turn we can integrate new tools based on the development of our activities and growth. So to say we have a small program with which to work, have a working platform that will grow according to their use and expand based on our need.

Solutions of this type have been used to manage new applications that allow working with different types of currencies. But how can we prove that actually are reliable? First when reviewing the data of the source code and apply online recommendations involved the set of solutions. But if the concern is based on the exchange rate used or manage can access the web and review once we have downloaded the solution. Online we can compare all exchange rates quickly and easily.

Details implementation and operation

To work with these solutions must follow certain steps of implementation as we would have to do with other applications. The first is access to CRM environment with or without IFD. Then Currencies will access the tool. This is what we use for everything related to currency and exchange. Finally we start the process work itself the solution.

This is done by clicking on Get Current Currencies from CRM, which we will load the information bar included in all types of currencies. Differences based on the main currency or base will be below highlighting this at the top. We may see the exchange rate updated, new types of change that we can add or if you just want a database with all types of currency can click Upload All CRM Rates with which all types of change will look like.

Other options

To set only some types of change can click Get New Currencies to Add with which we see all currencies available and are loaded on a second line. Selecting we want to be loaded in that line and thus the currency was created in the CRM system. However customization of this system will depend on us. For that reason we invite you to let your curiosity to try this tool.

You can also create your own platform based on the same XrmToolbox with which you can make a system that believes it is more appropriate and make it available to others. But whatever their decision we hope this information is helpful and can take advantage of CRM systems in the work area management and currency management.