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CRM apps: The new market for customer relationship management

CRM apps: The new market for customer relationship management

As technology advances so does the way we formulate and carry out our plans. During the last decade, mobile phones have taken over the market. It is leading businesses to focus on other aspects they never thought to take into account. In this post we will talk a bit about CRM apps and how benefit their employees.

The Apps for customer management

The behavior of companies has changed radically. Now, they want to reach mobile platforms to reach more customers. In the case of customer management, some applications on the web are as good in it as in mobile phones.

A well-developed mobile CRM apps

If you want to develop a mobile application strategy, you need to take into account certain aspects. Mainly it comes to thinking about what the customer wants and what it needs from you. In second place we have the resources they need employees and skills to manage external partners. You should also consider who is the owner of the CRM strategy and who manages it. Finally consider the risks that may adversely affect their CRM strategy.

The customer management App developers , should know what type of mobile CRM app use. You should evaluate its functionality and be willing to change it if necessary. Those who are immersed in the world of CRM applications offer a competitive advantage in the market. Functionality also depends a lot on how the app offer CRM; It can be free or paid.

In another vein, it should be considered if increased demand for CRM applications, it is possible that enough trained professionals to develop not exist. However, when enter a project of this type, consider the accessibility and usefulness. Also the performance, so that the content is loaded quickly.

A model to follow

A model that has been taken into account in this case is the Saas software 2016. Since almost 39% of revenues in this market thanks to this model were generated. The software will go through a stage of growth as time progresses. For example, the CRM software grew 9.7% in 2013, however the Saas based CRM grows 18% in the same period.

However, we must remember that not all applications have a service model. Also, this model is not functional with certain features of the CRM. So many companies implement Saas mix with other applications to complement that need.

The best providers

In terms of better service in CRM applications, we first have the well knownA� Salesforce. This surpassed the SAP system and has reached about 2,500 million dollars in revenue through CRM. In contrast to SAP who grew 0.1%, generating 2.300 billion in 2011. We can say that until now Salesforce is the most important supplier in the CRM market.

The point of all this innovation is to attract more customers to our business. Also, retain those we already have. This is essential for the company to maintain its status and grow within the market. Companies become aware of this and pay more attention to the way in which customers are served. As is cataloged as a strategy by the departments of marketing, sales and customer service.

In turn these department use technology to do their jobs better. Also, to determine how to address customer to meet their needs. And finally, provide a good experience that creates loyalty and commitment to the company.

Therefore, the market for CRM applications is growing and with growth likely to infinite time. This is because more and more companies that wish to provide their employees work and gain more customers.