Simple CRM for Mac

Computers and electronic equipment have become our life. For everything we do or we seek, we use technology to get faster results. For years, the MAC has revolutionized the market for computers and mobile devices. This time adaptable to highlight some MAC systems for customer management programs.

Simple CRM software for Mac

As mentioned before in other post, CRM stands for Customers realationship Management. So this is a strategy to win the loyalty and trust of customers through good service and attention.

Currently, many companies use Mac computers for their reliable systems. But the truth is not all CRM software is designed for these systems because they have focused on Windows systems. In this post we discuss two software that can be very helpful. They have a very good rating among CRM programs and are special for Mac.

NetSuite CRM for Mac

This program is recognized by companies like GoPro and Williams-Sonoma as one of the best customer management programs. It is easy to access, is a cloud-based and has a very interesting application of eCommerce interface. This application also the best contact management tools designed for Mac.

These tools include sharing information in real time, timeline of contacts, individual portals for contacts. It also has email integration. This system has the ability to make calls and share files. So notes and recordings are available to all departments.

By including e-mail function, this CRM for Mac you can track and store information from visitors to the page. This information is stored in the format of CRM. If you have the option to capture, NetSuit can take that capture and create an account automatically contact.

Marketing with Netsuit

The advantages of this software shows are many. Among the best tools we can see the high-level sales and marketing. This CRM for Mac can track the competition to generate marketing strategies and campaigns to overcome this. It also provides a collaboration tool sales; also predicts the success you can have a marketing campaign.

Likewise, you can have a tool to track inventory, sales prices and follow the orders placed. This CRM can provide reports Hazop analysis (strengths and weaknesses) appropriate for the company.

Easy to use

We found this MacA?s CRM software that is easy to use. It has a clean interface that is well designed and easy to navigate. You can customize the view windows to see several panels at the same time to have the customer information you need in one place without having to click through or switch between multiple view windows.

NetSuite includes integrated support in the program. Text tell the information should be recorded in each of the text fields. You can access frequently asked questions and tutorials from within the program, too, and even customer call or email without closing the application.

Support and assistance

It is a complete system with telephone support, email, live chat, only you need to customize it. You also get many tutorials to help him better understand this CRM for Mac. So help you make decisions about the products you need. Their customer service is very good and the company’s response to customer questions are fast and very courteous.


We can say that is a great CRM contact for Mac. With great tools and a simple interface to use. Your e-commerce is very valuable and is a very good solution for businesses. It works fine with Apple applications. And the information can be imported or exported in iCal and Address Book. It integrates well with PowerMail and Mailsmith.

So consider NetSuit to incorporate the tools and work is an excellent idea.

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