news 2017: Comparison of crm software

This year, business proposals have increased greatly. Virtual work and development programs on the web to improve the quality of companies have increased and improved the market today. This has made more people engaged in fulfilling the expectations of businesses with different management software. This time we will work to analyze some of these software and make a comparison that allows us to decide which program to use in 2017.

First, before making any decision should take into account certain realities. Recognize that not all CRM are equal; besides that most of these solutions are designed for large companies. Search a management solution that is easy to implement and operate. Investment costs involving such a solution and training staff to use it.

Your business needs

If you want to implement a customer management solution you should know the critical points and that the company needs. Also identify the functions to be improved. Determine the degree of speed and simplicity in implementing the solution. These must be adapted to future changes either by changing users, reports, features or increases.

Such systems must be able to grow at the same speed as the company. This implies that the information should be integrated capture the best possible way and be available to all users who manage the processes. Likewise, the systems must have a vendor support, where the company will use in case of defects or malfunctions in the system.

However, in past articles, we’ve talked about what CRM systems to choose from and which is best suited or are looking for. This time we’ll talk about some that can be very advantageous for businesses for this new year 2017

Comparison of CRM Systems for 2017

CRM Software


  • A�Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Statistics (iCustomerinsigth)
  • Other features.
  • No module Marketing
  • Their integration is not 100% effective or efficient.




  • Work under concept of customization.
  • Integration with different systems
  • Leader in data analysis


  • Integration of different external sources.
  • Unified database
  • Flexible and Open.


  • functions based on other solutions
  • Make existing functionality if develop their own software


  • A large number of sub-modules for the basic solution.
  • Covers sales, marketing and customer service.
  • It is functional to analyze information.

Now these CRM can become a very good choice for small or medium-sized company in 2017.

CRM Software




  • Support and Customer Service
  • Integra telephone channel, chats, emails and call center
  • The data analysis can improve an with additional software




  • Very functional for marketing, sales and customer service.
  • Analysis tools
  • Customization
  • Campaign Management
  • Data analysis



  • Five integrated modules Frontoffice, backoffice
  • Analytical, trade and integration of vertical solutions.
  • Easy maintenance




  • The best among small businesses
  • Marketing and Sales Automating tasks
  • Customer Service and data analysis
  • Marketing and sales modules are purchased separately



  • Special to medium enterprises
  • modules sales, marketing and customer service
  • it can be used to destroy information through mobile devices.




  • Flexibility
  • Product Mix
  • Participate in marketing, sales and customer service
  • it works both in small and medium-sized enterprises





  • covers all areas of CRM
  • Capacity development solution




  • Union Peoplesoft and Vantine
  • Flexible most CRM modules
  • Architecture web




  • functionality in the 3 main modules of CRM
  • complete Sales Management
  • Wireless Support
  • Microsoft Technology




  • Management email and chat
  • Module creating advertising campaigns
  • A�Main role in customer service



  • main modules of marketing, sales, order management and customer service



  • It has a high cost, so it is recommended to large companies
  • Modules for all areas of CRM
  • Management integration, synchronization and coordination of customer contacts.


Through these comparative tables we can analyze the main characteristics of each system. This comparison will help determine which CRM systems we choose for the coming 2017 and from and adapt to the changes we should do to achieve success.