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Highrise: A system for good customers management

Highrise: A system for good customers management

Among the systems CRM there are a variety of options to choose from, but then we want to talk a bit of a system solution based on the web, it gives those who use the opportunity to quickly keep track of people, conversations and fundamental tasks that allow the correct workflow in an organization.

Unlike other CRM systems that are adapted to large enterprises only Highrise is a service that gives the opportunity to also progress to small businesses and microentrepreneurs.

This the reason why has become so popular in the market and we can add not only limited managing data of some customers it actually gives the opportunity to manage more than 15 million contacts simple. It is for this reason that we want to explain a bit about how Highrise works with CRMA�and what benefits offer.

How did the idea came out?

As we mantioned,A�this management system saw its base on the network, but how to organize contacts and tasks owe it to CRM Highrise systems and as a result does provide the opportunity to grow, to seek potential customers and manage different activities which constitute the working mode of our organization. This system pays attention to something that many people take as useless and what many CRM devote special effort, emails.

It is usual helps to see how companyA�activities are managed and reported. By this system many think that a customer does not need to receive information about our services,A�but if we thinking that this information can be useless, we are not paying attetion to what the customer really wants.

An email sent once in a whileA�allows our customer to see that we really care. Allows them be informed about theA�products and services we offer, what changes have we made and count on us for a consultation or request .

Certainly, we must make an effort A�to improve the way weA�talk to them. While an email is a message that may have any response and is this what we call conversation, this is the point you need toA�improve.

How the improvement is achieved with Highrise?

The most logical thing we can do to achieve this end is to know our clients and gather the information we have from our customers, and this is the function of Highrise.

As client manager not only keeps us aware of the media but includes in its reports a history of the conversation, the needs and requests, in addition to the recommendations we receive from you to contact you or how to improve. These options are those that give us the ability to not lose business opportunities.

To become a professional hunters of these opportunities with Highrise your need to incorporate some features. Far from thinking that it is something very difficult to prepare discloses a system that is even useful from our cell phones.

  • The first features isA�the customer history, tasks. We group these functions as they relate among all. Once a contact is added immediately toA�Highrise information, contact details, held conversations, emails sent and received on your part, budgets that have been sent, location, etc. is managed. As we see is not limited only to digital marketing but incorporates the administration of the company.
  • Besides this allows you to create tabs or labels in which we can place each company or customer data and quickly find any of them at any time. And not only limited to customers and actions concerning them because as all CRM also synchronized with HighriseA�agenda and keeps you informed of the activities planned to sales, allowing realize them quickly or delegate the function consigning both all necessary information to new maintainer.

Is it good depend on CRM Highrise?

Many think that is worthless to depend on a system to notify us to send n email.A�It may seem that this is so, but its no so when the program let you what information need to be send and make sure its not repeated. Highrise work with the customers management forA�inform us that we must return calls and what were the topics of previous talks and continues to define tasks based on the results.

“So good so expensive”. Its not the case

All depende on for what you need it. Subscription costs start from 19 euros per month for six users, five proposals, 5GB of storage and up to 5,000 contacts. However it also offers a free version for only two users without file storage capacity and 250 contacts.

By offering this way a complete view of our business and proposals or opportunities available to us. Remind us our duty to conduct any negotiations and to prepare ourselves to be friends of our customers this product demonstrates its quality as a CRM system. Certainly we invite you to try Highrise CRM and see how accomplished step by step marking our company objectives.

But it also allows us to have a very clear vision of what proposals are pending that deals have to close or at what point is negotiating with certain company. It gives us the right to manage and achieve the objectives set by our company tools.

Ons and prices

Highrise offers a wide range of accessories that can be used together with our CRM. You find HelpDesk from an application like Zendesk, to mailing applications to manage our newsletters or mailing campaigns as MailChimp or a complement to Gmail that allows us to verify that we have pending tasks, objectives, etc.

Highrise prices depend, as in all SaaS models, the amount of resources we need.

In general terms,A�HighriseA�gives the feeling that can be a solution to improve the organization of many companies. Sometimes business opportunities are lost by working formulas that do not have available information. The budget that generates a trade is not available to others and when you call the customer to make a modification can not give me the information if it is not the person carrying my own. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, and such tools will certainly not happen.