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CRM marketing automation. The best for your company

CRM marketing automation. The best for your company

If you want to sell something, it is logical to apply some marketing techniques to achieve this. You can start by giving publicity. But this must have the necessary means. In the case of companies, they have a marketing and sales department to help them create their image and present to the public.

However, in view of the huge investment made in these advertising processes it is necessary to reduce costs and time spent on each project. It is for this reason that CRM marketing automation has become known as the most viable option to achieve that goal. It is a process in which technology is used to perform communicative actions automatically. This is done without investing time and personnel when executing them.

Through marketing automation, the right audience receives the message designed for them at the right time. But before I continue mentioning what marketing automation can do for your company, you should know how it works.

Marketing Automation, what is it?

This term exists for several years; however, it was for the exclusive use of large-scale international companies. But today this process is being implemented in every company no matter its size. It is noteworthy that the marketing automation processes are taken into account as one factor in marketing strategies.

Is the use of computer software to perform specific tasks. This gives the opportunity to the company to perform certain processes that would be impossible, if done manually. This results in greater efficiency and better control of marketing activities.

First, it was used to carry out tasks of customer loyalty, which allowed them to stay in the market. But today, is used to designate inbound marketing strategy. As it helps them in attracting new customers.

Inbound Marketing and elements Marketing Automation

Within the Inbound Marketing we found that the main focus of their strategy is to attract customers and convert. Through interesting content and quality of service, it attracts people. You can apply in this case to a web page. Once we have managed to capture the interest of a person, we show the product or service and have acquired their data; it is time to use marketing automation to CRM. This is what will allow us to turn that person into a regular customer.

In the process of marketing automation certain basic elements are presented. These are Scoring valuation, Nutrition database and internal automation. And are described as follows.

i�� Assessment Scoring: Marketing automation send us a database of records to a rating system with all the well-ordered records. This is thanks to a technique called lead scoring.

i�� Nutrition database (Lead Nurturing): This is to perform a fully automated and personalized communicative action. In this category is the sending of emails.

i�� Internal Automations: These are internal and automated data obtained with the marketing department and other departments in the company processes.

Why use CRM Marketing Automation

For the advantages of the implementation of this strategy are many. Thanks to its CRM marketing automation system to quantify the impact of advertising campaigns. It also increases the relevance and effectiveness of such campaigns.

Once we know really is and how it works with CRM marketing automation can see the results and the advantages of our company. We may note how regularly meet the objectives of marketing and sales. costs and staff time are also reduced. The staff maintains and even increases productivity and efficiency. For this reason, this system is the best friend of your company.

Apply these tools

Because it is necessary to implement software tools that are really useful for the proper functioning of the system. Marketing automation focuses on the execution of communication tasks, so these tools benefit us in implementing processes.

Among the best are the following:

i�� HubSpot: This is a system that helps us in attracting visitors to a website. This is done by creating creative content, improve our data conversion and sort our leads. It also allows us to run campaigns directly.

i�� Infusionsoft: This allows the integration of CRM and marketing automation. It also allows measuring the response to campaigns, emails and while segmenting customers according to their purchase intent.

i�� Marketo: A management system and marketing organization. You can control automation tasks, inbound marketing, e-mail and even social networks. You can also control events, sales and financial management. It allows the scoring of potential customers.

Some tools will allow you to incorporate URLs with tracking codes. This is mainly used to control banner ads, pay per click, link building and other actions. Other tools allow sales team know the type and mode of contact for each customer. This depends on the phase in which the person in the system is. Likewise, others employ a design workflow that provides the ability to monitor the online market and its changes.

Once we analyze this information notice as marketing automation allows us to grow as entrepreneurs. The purpose of any company is to get high and stay there. That is why the best way to achieve this is to implement this system in its marketing department. If we apply the CRM with marketing automation we have the perfect formula to attract and keep customers satisfied and loyal.