CRM like VTiger

crm like vtiger

With this article we want to explain in a general way the main features which at first glance is VTiger, and we will also present some CRM like VTiger options that may also interest you.


Open Source.

VTiger is a product of open source software – this means that the source code of the software is available to download and that anyone can read, reuse or modify it.

Use it only you or your entire company.

VTiger is in the cloud and is multi-user, which means that you or maybe your colleagues can access it from anywhere in the world at any time. A user updates a log or calendar in Madrid and another user can see the changes instantly accessing to the system in Tokyo.

Reliable database.

Built using MySQL, and developed in PHP language, VTiger is strong, stable and secure. In fact, the VTiger server can run on Windows system, Linux or Mac OS, although most often run on Linux.

Cloud based

VTiger it can be accessed from any device that has a browser and a connection to Internet.

VTiger, can be accessed and updated, improved, and run in any system that the user choose as Windows, Desktop, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, iMac, an Android Tablet or Google Chromebook. To VTiger doesn’t matter the computer or equipment provided, as we said before you just have to provide a browser web and a stable connection to Internet.


VTiger has an application for Android phones and an application for iPhone that syncs automatically the data of the web to your mobile device. This will give you access to virtually all data online, including levels of inventory, billing information, calendars and schedules.

Client – Server.

VTiger is a client-server solution, this means that, while you are accessing information, elaborating statistics, reading reports, as also eveloping email campaigns and similar elements in your iPad or laptop, the work that you are doing on the server is being saved somewhere on the web.
Also means that many users can do the same thing at the same time from their iPads, PCs, or laptops. The server does the hard work, and customers get the results.


VTiger is a very intuitive system and very well designed. It has functions, modules, reports, and service management.

VTiger is packed with features, the fact is that there are more than 20 modules in VTiger should not intimidate you.

Just use these features if they are needed, and then to go knowing best the system, you can go adding them one by one.

Basic elements of CRM.

Features main VTiger include accounts (main records that include them companies and organizations, departments), contacts (individuals or employees of the companies or even departments itself), calendar multiuser (every user has its calendar of events own, Planner and make list), webmail.

Customizable modules.

VTiger include a complete administrator of the campaigns, interconnection with stock system, sales and purchase orders, billing, support tickets, management of potential customers and tracking of them, and also includes a portal of customers in full operation; which help to customize their interactions, and also provide support with its customers.

All in VTiger is fully customizable.

Report Writer.

VTiger features with an editor of reports highly flexible that you allows access and manage the large amount of data related with the system.

Constant updates

There is a development team of VTiger acting on feedback of the users. It regularly provides updates and upgrades of software based on that information.

Other Features

  • VTiger CRM also includes the following:
  • Sales automation.
  • Attention to the customer and service, including a self-service customer portal.
  • Marketing automation (generation of opportunities, support to the campaign, bases of knowledge).
  • Inventory management.
  • Analysis and reports.
  • Integration with corporate email systems (plug-in for microsoft outlook and mozilla thunderbird).
  • Support the Asterisk PBX phone system.
  • Calendars.
  • Tag cloud functionality.
  • RSS feed subscription.
  • Generation of PDF documents.


Now that we talked about VTiger CRM, we are going to mention some other options that are similar to it, they are the following:




It offers us many possibilities similar to zero cost since it is an open source application that allows unlimited integrations and customizations tailored. So that Mautic is the ultimate digital marketing tool, for not forcing us to perform an initial and annual investment that limited the rest of tools to a type of an already established company, they can be used by any company of any size from the first day, helping us to implement our Inbound Marketing strategy.

Zoho CRM



Concentrates all the characteristics of your target market (small and medium-sized enterprises, needs, etc.). Its qualities include the ability to automate the prospects, opportunities and contacts; Create post individual and mass; schedule meetings, calls, and tasks; and it allows you to track changes in the customer records. All this in a clean, modern interface.



As we could see there are various options when we talk about CRM like VTiger, and from this point ita��s all up to you. Now ita��s your job to choose the proper option and start to get potential clients or leads to it.