CRM like SalesForce

Find, get and keep customers is vital to every business. SalesForce is a management tool customer relationship that helps us in this task by providing an agenda, a tool for making appointments, and multiple options to keep track of our business. Falls within the category of CRM, Customer Relationship Management programs. According to its acronym refers specifically to managing relationships with our customers and in a broad sense is primarily a business philosophy that is not linked any technology. Products like SalesForce, or MS-DynamicsCRM are good implementations that facilitate its adoption.

Customer Relationship

This is the key. Unlike the theories of mass marketing, CRM philosophy tells us to treat customers one by one, we know your individual needs and tastes and that we consider your purchase history to serve you in the best way possible. However, thisA�already did the shopkeeper lifetime, only it was possible for him to remember and bring his head preferences hundred customers. Another different thing is whether we have to deal with thousands of contacts.

In that case we will need the help of specific software that goes beyond the agenda and calendar Outlook or Gmail offering. Something that allows us to group accounts, collaborates with a team of vendors scattered, centralize communications log with our customers and get progress reports and status.

Accounts and Contacts

This is the raw material with which it works SalesForce. We start from a contact list associated with your business accounts. We have many attributes to store relevant information and the ability to define our own. In addition, A�We can establish hierarchies to represent complex business groups, and establish relationships between contacts. The account lists are also customizable and can have different views for potential clients, large accounts, etc.

Initially you can feed importing data from your favorite email program. After each tab you can link your profile on social networks and synchronize your email back with contributions made in SalesForce. The idea is that SalesForce become the single repository of information relating to customers.

Interviews, calls, messages and tasks

So far we have only one agenda comprehensive but insufficient to properly maintain trade relations. These relationships relate to our company interactions with other accounts, ie recording related vendors and contacts our activities. All in one place, safe and accessible to anyone in need.

It highlights the system arrange interviews proposed appointments to customers who may at any time accept or propose changes. You can send and receive email without leaving the program and taking an integrated all your relationship with a customer vision. Interestingly record incoming and outgoing calls and those calls associated with new tasks to be fulfilled by any member of our team.

SalesForce and SugarCRM like all good software in the cloud are multiuser, multiplatform and are available wherever you have a web browser and an internet connection without the need for facilities or maintenance in your company. Everything to make your sales improve strongly.

A�Build, strengthen and measure the customer relationship

Salesforce is the management tool in the cloud, leading global, which allows the implementation of all kinds of business processes in a simple and effective way. Salesforce authorized sponsors offer all kinds of services on this platform by the extensive experience in implementations, development, integration and training they have. The customer satisfaction is their guarantee.

Salesforce is the key tool for managing your business: sales force, workflows, customer portals, services, specific developments, etc … to apply your company will:

  • satisfied and loyal customers
  • Improving communication
  • automated processes

Visibility of your salesforce

Supported by Salesforce processes:

Salesforce has many features for both the management of your sales cycle (Salescloud) and multiple services (Servicecloud).

Sales: Check the database of your sales force. Generate tasks, events and reports simple and personalized way. Commercial customers will have access to and can manage them from any device. Capture your contacts from the web, advertising, mail, social networks … Automate the allocation to the appropriate personnel.

Customer Service: Give your customers various means of contact: phone, web, email, mail or social networks Salesforce can give attention to more personalized and efficient customer service.

Marketing: Measure your results and assess goals based on real data. Manage your adwords campaigns, mailing, telemarketing…

Workflows: Salesforce allows you to tailor the system to their own workflows. Automate their processes,

Developments: We can implement any business model through the many technological tools that Salesforce offers:, APEX, REST / SOAP API….

Services currently offered for the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is the main application, but secondary as Salescloud, Servicecloud, CRM, Chatter, and other applications of the suite of Salesforce also enjoy these services:

  • Software implementation
  • Integration of applications: Google Apps, Exchange, SAP, Dynamics …
  • Development on, Apex, Visualforce….
  • Custom settings
  • Creating workflows (workflows).
  • Data migration
  • User training
  • Support
  • Advice and consultancy

A�What companies is aimed Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is software that power and flexibility usually deployed in medium and large companies. Also in companies with complex processes that need to configure workflows, automated reporting or obtaining marketing campaigns. Salesforce is a perfect complement.