CRM like pipedrive


When we talked about pipedrive, can be defined as, an application made to manage your sales, allowing to have a database of customers, a unique place where register the agreements, and commitments, and the possibility of have to the sales team work with the updating the information about transactions in the system at the same time.


The pipeline sales are a great indicator of the well-being of a company. Literally, it can show you the money (which will begin to produce in the next few months). Well manages your pipeline, and you will keep the organization and control of your business data.


A sales pipelineA�is a systematic approach to sell a product or service. Here are four factors that must be taken into consideration:

  • Number of businesses in your pipeline.
  • Average size of a business in your pipeline.
  • Percentage average of business travelling into your pipeline, or proportion of potential client conversion into customer.
  • Time means that businesses remain in the pipeline before be won, or the speed of sales.

While you have open more business, and bigger they are, obviously the percentage that you can convert will be better, and the time delay in obtaining clients will be minor, this translate in larger gain.

These measures of the pipeline will reveal even more useful information if they are measured in different stages:

  • Number of businesses in the first (second, third, fourth) stage.
  • Average size of business at every stage.
  • Percentage average of converts business from one stage to the next (for each stage).
  • Time means that businesses are kept at each stage.


Then, after evaluate Pipedrive we can also mention some similar options, equally of interesting as it are:


We talk about it on the following link.

Zoho CRM

We have also speak of it here.


You can read about it in a more detailed way at this link.

Prosperworks CRM

ProsperWorks is simple, it will help your sales to grow. Identify, track and optimize sales opportunities, and business opportunities.

Manage all your sales channel through a tool simple and visual, everything from the web or your Android device.

ProsperWorks is integrated with Google Apps which allow you to even work in your Gmail inbox.

Automatic data entry systems eliminate manual work, allowing you to focus on what better can do: close more deals.


  • CRM for Google – integrated with gmail, and all applications of the suite.
  • Perspective sales activities to close, in a visual pipeline.
  • Obtain automated zero-touch data entry.
  • See when customers open their emails so that it can come at the perfect time.
  • Follow up in a consistent manner with the announcements of automatic tasks based on triggers of action.
  • Large reports that allow you to make business plans and train your team, to be successful.


  • Easy of use. ProsperWorks takes a few minutes to set up, and requires no training, also is as easy to use as Gmail.
  • Automatic data entry.
  • Built for google.

With ProsperWorks you can;

  • Receive more offers.
  • Establish a selling process that your team can follow.
  • Perspective track sales activities to close.
  • View your sales flow.
  • Monitoring of the contacts, the activity of sales, and the monitoring of them tasks in an unique place.

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo allows your business create, as well as manage tons of user accounts. Each client’s account can be linked with other relevant as, records, contact data or business opportunities.

With this CRM, it is also possible to communicate directly with customers from the application itself.


  • Manage user accounts using a web-based platform that enables efficient and easy access from anywhere in the world.
  • Is integrated with a platform of communication, making it more transparent to the business process, which means that customers feel more attracted.

Nutshell CRM

Is a CRM for medium-sized companies. Nutshell lets all organizational departments to collaborate with sales and prospects in real time.

It provides a cloud-based solution which serves to make the businesses have greater opportunity to close.

It is integrated with Google Apps, Exchange and many more.


  • Customizable sales processes.
  • Sales analysis reports.
  • Collaborative team environment.
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Macintosh.


As we noticed there are several options when CRM likeA�pipedrive is spoken. Now you must make a decision and start generating prospects and close deals using the CRM that best suits your needs. Thanks for reading.