CRM like Insightly

With a CRM Insightly we can perform many activities easily and safely, besides doing it in our language because its platform is not conditioned only one, which means perfectly understand the goals and modalities of work of the program.

The CRM Insightly help us send and store emails in a productive way, achieving a single click, as the search system is indexed to be much more agile, able to obtain the record of all conversations that have taken out between the client and the company, with their dates and actual hours.

Not only has this, but also, with Insightly CRM, was created new tasks and / or projects that are associated with other companies or individuals, very quickly. In addition this platform achieved when saving a new contact data; edit this information at the same time, while the sender can integrate with emails the same contact, automatically.

At the same time you are composing an email, you can view information and contact history with his photograph and background, as long as you install one can view the information and history of contact with your picture and background. On the other hand, may bring in a special way, all those emails that are vital, while they can be linked to other files in which all project documentation in question is located.

What can we accomplish with all these advantages?

In short, implementing the Insightly CRM platform will be achieved properly manage, achieving the maximum potential for all customers and business contacts, as well as data from partners and organizations that have some kind of connection therewith, to vendors and suppliers of the company.

There are several plans as to how to acquire CRM Insightly, ranging from free, through different amounts of monthly money as it is a service offered from the cloud, so it has the advantage of being he consulted from any device, at the time needed and the place where the user is, as if it were a game that is displayed on the screen.

Using Insightly

Insightly in if doubt the best CRM software for small businesses, why? Small businesses have very specific needs. And therefore they cannot rely on the same solutions as other businesses, as these tools tend to be technically too complex and packed with features that small businesses will probably never use. They are also too expensive for a budget of microenterprise. Such is the case of these CRM Limit 2 users for free.

The most profitable is Insightly that starts with basic and simple functions that can be expanded as you grow your business – at an affordable price, microenterprise. This is where you can help this CRM, with a high level of usability that has nothing to envy the big industry.

Insightly essential characteristics.

  • Contact management
  • Project management
  • Business management
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile CRM
  • Insightly adds multilingual capabilities and optimizes intuitive CRM solution for small businesses globally

What level is adapted in language? Is it true “multilingual”?

Insightly it is available to English speakers and Spanish Portuguese. Insightly it is popular among small businesses in Latin America and increase its adoption multilingual update and allow you to expand further in any region. The world is a field where users have been demanding a version of the tool in their local language and thanks to the new version of the mobile application for iOS supports these multilingual features, and guided the new training instructor, Insightly can help a greater number of small businesses in more countries to be closer to its customers, increase revenue and streamline project management.

The new user interface Insightly improved language support for international customers. Insightly versions in the languages mentioned above are the first foreign language, but the company plans to launch several updates in other languages, including French version. Long-term plans are that the solution is within reach of more than 90 percent of the world’s Internet population. The international Insightly customer base has expanded rapidly and today, more than half of its users reside outside the US. UU., In more than 180 countries.

Why go to all this trouble?

Small businesses asking for better options CRM and project management, and do so in countless languages. The launch of local language versions of the Insightly application demonstrates that we do not turn a deaf ear to those requests, that we understand and that we are committed to give an answer as part of our mission to serve millions of international users in their own languages “said Anthony Smith, Chief executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Insightly.

Owners of small businesses rely on mobility to run their companies, and free mobile applications for iOS and Android Insightly allow them access to customer information browsing more agile and simple way with their mobile browsers. They can answer questions at any time to give customers a better experience, wherever they are. Updates Insightly application for iOS include:

  • iOS user interface redesigned the look of iOS 7
  • Support for speakers of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Filters and groups for tasks, projects and opportunities (users can hide items that are already closed)
  • Compatibility with iPad, including landscape mode

Stability improvements and bug fixes

Another novelty is that Insightly has teamed up with Logical Operations, an organization that provides training and helps businesses and individuals maximize the learning process. The result of this joint effort is a training course led by instructor, for one day, which includes practical experience with the application, as well as exercises and recommended for users of Insightly around the world have the knowledge practices and skills necessary to implement more business and increase customer satisfaction.