CRM like InfusionSoft

CRM like infusionsoft

In this article we’ll bring you, in a short way, the main features of Infusionsoft and we also will describe some CRM like Infusionsoft, so we hope you like…lets go!


Infusionsoft is the only software all-in-one sales and marketing designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and also for infomarketers committed to get results from their marketing actions.

Along with a good strategy defined, it is everything you need to get more customers, increase sales and save a lot of valuable time (and money).

Infusionsoft features

  • CRM.
  • E-commerce electronic.
  • Email marketing solution and Social.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Campaign tracking and visualization of processes.
  • Campaigns of dynamic response, according to the behavior of the user.

And all of this in a single system that provides you with analytics in detail and complete to be able to measure the results of any action you do.

No longer have to deal with multiple platforms, instead let Infusionsoft your unique platform that allows you to work and deliver your emails with maximum precision.

Automation of processes

Automate marketing is allowing you to market your products and or services to your target audience in a way much more efficient, profitable and no need to use extra cent of integrations.

You will have to work with various components together as the are a CRM and e-commerce to make a comprehensive and coherent strategy that generate enough information to a prospectus in relation to your products to be ready to purchase.

And that all this occurs in the shortest possible time and 100% automated!

It also automates the transition from the generation of potential customers, to follow-up when the behaviors of contact to send a signal that an objective of specific marketing has been fulfilled.

For example, if someone populates a form and after that action there are 7 follow-up emails, you will want to delete this campaign to that contact to finally buy, before receiving the seventh email.

Automation of your marketing activities is an integral component of the customers relationshipA�management (CRM).

This involves the use of software to automate the processes of marketing such as:

  • Detailed segmentation of clients and prospects qualified (or not).
  • Integration of data from the client or prospect.
  • Administration of the sale or maintenance efforts.

Meet the content and information active obtained pages of capture or known as landingpages, emails, events, meetings, videos, etc. in order to automatically deliver it to clients or potential clients at the most relevant time to them.

This power exponentially the likelihood that a sale is closed.

It ensures Sales Department to perform a fast and efficient follow-up to customer or prospect that need you at that moment.

Benefits of Infusionsoft

  • CRM to help you capture new prospects, optimize the sales process and close more business potential.
  • Marketing by email and Social Media to create specific campaigns that engage and convert prospects to customers through a strategic sale.
  • E-commerce to increase online sales by connecting your store to their records of contacts. You can link up Infusionsoft with Shopify, for example.
  • Infusionsoft is very simple and easy to use; the learning curve is quick.
  • It offers good functionality and value for money.
  • Pricing plans depending on the needs and the size of your company.
  • Comes with numerous capabilities for the educational phase of the potential customer and greater profitability.
  • Makes your sales and your marketing simple, gathering everything you need in a single system accessible from the cloud.
  • It saves you valuable time in all their internal processes and monitoring.


Attach a score to each customer:

The score is based through the analysis of your activity on the website, thus giving objective data in a sales process little objective.

Potential customers can be segmented, with a campaign focused on nurturing the prospect and when they begin to respond, the results will be adjusted and become assigned to a sales representative for its follow-up later (or immediate).

Multi-channel visibility:

Marketing Automation tools provide to the sales of the ability to follow interactions online for a consumer with your brand across a wide range of channels and marketing teams.

Maintain and strengthen the relationship:

The way to sell online is constantly changing and therefore the marketing communications must adapt also.

Marketing Automation is a way of establishing a framework for their most important contact in order to provide the correct content at critical stages of the buying process.

Computerized nutrition:

Marketing Automation solutions allow you to put your potential customers who are not yet ready to buy in specific campaigns for the monitoring or also called nutrition.

This allows you to ensure that your marketing efforts follow them automatically, in time, one by one, like e-mail advertising.

Convergence between sales and Marketing:

The relationship between the two teams is enhanced by greater clarity of what defines a potential customer of quality.

This is an excellent opportunity for leaders in the sales and marketing teams feel together and really define what exactly what constitutes to be a potential customer.

This is a very powerful position that allows the company to focus on objectives, measurable data and that translates into better relationships with potential clients and existing customers.

So, as we see, Infusionsoft provide a great platform of work a�� automated work actually a�� that improve all the workflow process this results in more sales and more satisfied clients.

Now we are going to mention some options of CRM like Infusionsoft that maybe interest you.


Provides all the customer relationship management, allows efficient control of the sales force, automation of marketing campaigns and customization that fits the needs of business, all of this in a web-based platform, all these operations are included in Netsuite’s natively, don’t need to buy anything else.


Some of the features of Netsuite CRM are:

  • Sales force automation: Netsuite provides you all the tools to improve your sales forecast, management commissions, sales management.
  • Improving relationship with your partners via Netsuite tools which allow you to treat them as if they were your direct sales team.
  • Support to the client that allows to reduce the time that it takes to give solution to the problems of customers, through cases can do all a workflow for the solution of the problems of clients.
  • NetSuite allows you to create marketing campaigns that are targeted and segmented according to our needs
  • The product that provides CRM and web Portal, is oriented to companies that are interested in increasing the productivity of the commercial area and the generation of sound strategies in the field of electronic commerce and customer service.