CRM like Dolibarr

A CRM like Dolibarr consist in an 100% modular software (in which we will be able to activate only as many functions as we want) for PYMES Business Management, independent people with a professional background, auto entrepreneurs and even associations. It is an OpenSource project that you can execute deep inside a web server, since you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection at your disposition. It is necessary to highlight that this is a project that is based on a WAMP, MAMP or LAMP srver such as Apache, MySQL or PHP.

The perfect marriage between a CRM and ERP

But, are we already aware of what a CRM and an ERP are? Leta��s define them both first! What we need to know about a CRM, is that it is very important software in which you can express through a very accurate data a detailed history about the relationship with a client and the way it has been managed. In that way is possible to determine what strategies really work in order to satisfy the needs and desires of the customer so he gets back to us and the product or service we offer over and over again, Its acronym means exactly that, Customer Relationship Management .

In the case of the ERP software, we talk about it as an Enterprise Resource Planning system, being capable of managing the information by integrating most of the business practices associated with the functional or operating features of a company.

What an ERP looks forward to is to provide support to a business clients, a quick time response to each and any single proble it might come out in the way and an efficient managing of the information that allows to rake timely decisions and diminish the total costs of any followed step.

Now that we are able to understand how these 2 softwares work side by side in order to create a CRM like Dolibarr, we are now able to have a better understanding of all the wonderful things we can do with it. Of course, we have a wide market of choices in this fierce and very competitive field to choose from like the numerous apps inside this category like the following: OpenAguila, OpenBravo, OpenERP, Neogia, Compiere and so on.


The characteristics of a CRM like Dolibarr

Some of the things we can say about a CRM like Dolibarr and its incredible characteristics is that it is very easy to install since it comes already with installers that help those people who do not know anything about how to set a web server. At the same time, it is very easy to use, because it has modular functions that work in order for not overcharging the menus and provide simple and concise information as well, in a way that you enjoy of a fair distribution of elements that doesna��t get you tired.

A CRM like Dolibarr is also simple to develop, without those really heavy frameworks we find in other software. in fact, Dolibarr is able to put up together its entire architecture or design patterns, so it helps any developer to start working right away, immediately, without having knowledge of any other thing that is not PHP.

Another interesting fact is that it is available to us thanks to an inside auto-installer for users without technical knowledge using a simple catalogue that can be executed automatically. These available versions are very versatile, since they vary according to the operative systemA� you use, such asA� Doliwamp that is for Windows users; Dolimamp for those who use Mac OS X and last bout not least Dolibarr for Ubuntu, that works for Linux Ubuntu / Debian users.

Some great features are that it is a 100% free, based on WEB, very user-friendly and easy to use with varied graphic themes, besides of using a simple and totally customizable code (PHP), among other things. In the free version you will get to see its main functionalities that are in constant upgrade and improving for an even better performance through the use of external modules that can compliment it.

Dolibarr is a fantastic friend for your company

The growing factors or indicators of expansion that Dolibarr is experiencing thanks to its many features allow Dolibarr to be presented as a business management tool with a solid and firm base. Some of these indicators are more included languages on an international basis, the growing of th demand by private companies, the raising of its recognition from specialized and very known websites and social media, its inclusion in the system of information companiesa�� portfolio of products in which they offer Dolibarr as the solution of their clients problems on these aspects and last but not least, the making of partnerships among companies that offer Dolibarr to their clients.