CRM Certified 2016

Professional certifications are today a complementary and necessary for professionals in CRM part and these specializations are based on Information Technology. Besides these certifications are evidence of specialization in products usually carry a trademark or copyright.

With a professional certification will be more competitive in the labor market and get a better position in the company development in which working or is expected to work as these companies are required to have certified and highly qualified personnel.

Certificates major CRM

1. SAP Certificate

SAP has a very high certification associated with your product and with different levels of knowledge number in your portfolio. SAP is undoubtedly the most implemented ERP and CRM in medium and large companies; the total investment in the product is high enough that it would be irresponsible to operate with non-certified staff. An example of certification with SAP ERP would Certified Associate – Business Process Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6. This certification has no prerequisites and examination can be compared on the web by 425 a��.

2. Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP)

Interestingly this certification is not technology or technology is related directly, however is in the ranking among the Top 5 requested. This is a certification that demonstrates the mastery of a project management method developed by Project Management Institute.

It is also striking that even if IT methods like Scrum, Prince2 and Agile methods are used; PMP is the most popular method in most engineering and best known for the business, and therefore the most in demand is based on the PMBOK, published by PMI.

The exam is purchased directly to PMI and is exchanged with the broker that is Prometric, however, the candidate must meet very high requirements demonstrate the fact five thousand hours of experience in project management being part of those hours leading projects; also it includes a requirement for formal training. The test is done in English with Spanish help, and for a price of 465 a��.

3. Certificate of Oracle database

The Oracle Database may have on their records more critical than any other, and this is a great reason to require this certification. Usually the database is implemented in banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and mission-critical systems. A certification can be Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate pass two exams required of 193 a�� each, where the only requirement is to pass on the order recommended by the manufacturer.

Why do I buy it?

With the exception of PMP certification none of the other manufacturers requires training, however recommended to ensure success and to focus on the process. Some like SAP even warn that an unofficial training or the exam cheating can lead to disqualify the candidate, and perhaps prevent future certification.

Today the amount of information flowing through businesses is incredible. If you think about it, thousands of data passing in front of our screens every day. That is why any company that is well established, need to make use of a good CRM to keep valuable information to make certain decisions.