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Sugar CRM Review – pricing, features and news.

Sugar CRM Review – pricing, features and news.

Sugar CRM Review 2016


Sugar CRM is a commercial application of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which helps companies to organize, store, and maintain information efficiently in all aspects of their relationships with customers.

These strategies seek to understand and anticipate the needs of existing customers, with the objective of generate income, through actions that allow to know their tastes or preferences in such a way that it can provide customized offers.


  • Effectively manage the information: the speed at which the information changes, people change, projects change, requires new methodologies for the management of information.
  • Enhance communication with customers: in a world where every client is unique segmentation and personalized communication are two keys to success. SugarCRM provides flexibility and control in our communications with customers.
  • Managing complex projects: in a world dominated by rapid consumption, customers are demanding more and more attention and more dedication of resources. Some projects rely on 100% of the good management of the customer/supplier information.


  • Information of potential clients, contacts and accounts management.
  • Salesforce management.
  • Campaign management.
  • Library of Documents.
  • Incident Management (both with clients, such as internal enterprise).
  • Manage a corporate calendar.


  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of costs.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Better management of business.
  • Controlled communications.
  • Most successful segmentation of customers and prospects.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Personal page
  • Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Management of activities
  • Web forms
  • Potential customers
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Accounts
  • Cases


  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Integration with Microsoft Word.
  • Advanced graphics and dashboards.
  • Advanced project management.
  • Knowledge Base.
  • Product catalogue.
  • Offers and contracts.
  • Access control.
  • Self-service portal to customers.


SUGAR CRM recognized as a best-in-class channel provider of CRM by Solution Providers.

The past August 22, 2016 after an exhaustive study of client satisfaction announce that SugarCRM is the best solution of the market providing adaptable solutions.

The evaluation was performed in the following areas, product innovation, support and collaboration to resellers and solution services.

The results also include vendors to make a real-world evaluation.

Most innovative CRM 2016

Sugar CRM has been announced as the most innovative CRM of this year.

The Capital Finance International (CFI) research for excellence in several kinds of industries and this year sugar CRM was select as a software that collate efforts to improve the customer experience.

The recognition was evaluated in areas like, technological innovation, partnerships and cloud capabilities.

IBM Digital Marketing University

Every year IBM have an event that impulse the enterprises to dive into digital marketing, this year that event will be in Amsterdam.

Sugar in his research of innovation will be attending the event also as partner of IBM.

Virgin Mobile USA partners with Sugar CRM

The past September 22th, Sugar CRM announce that improving his services and make them better is now partner with virgin mobile USA.

To achieve this improvement they will be implementing a new platform that A�allow them to engage customers in new ways.


If you are making up your mind to choose a new CRM software we can let you know that this will be a great choice to start up, thanks for reading.