Nimble CRM Review 2017

Nimble CRM review 2017


Nimble is a solution that offers the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the power of social media to small businesses. Among its features we find the following:



Get the context everywhere

Nimble find information on people and companies automatically building profiles, anywhere, on-the-fly. If you work in your mail or browse the web, Nimble delivery profiles with essential details: what do people where they work, the number of employees of the company, year of Foundation, revenue, industry, CEO details, location, social profiles, contact information and more.

Nimble knows if you are Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or even an article from Forbes and then collects data from emails and web pages with a single click to create and enrich contact records.

discover insights

Nimble CRM saves you time as it suggests additional social profiles for your contacts and businesses, making it easier to add new profiles of Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and much more.

Smart ideas up-to-date list

Nimble CRM links the details of the social profile to all your contacts, companies and keeps them updated. It is the first CRM that updates the details you need: name, company, title, location, experience, education, interests, and more.

take action

Organize your contacts with tags, record notes about the people who know, and program tasks of tracking at a future date.


Management of contacts, Nimble CRM begins with a unique vision of the past, present and future of interactions with your contacts.

Why Nimble CRM puts such emphasis on this unique point of view? We believe that the management of contacts is not really about contacts… It’s closer relations. Nimble CRM aims to bring to life your contact manager with the collected data, therefore a simple name of two dimensions in a field of data, converts it to a richly detailed three-dimensional person.


When contact information is scattered all over the place, collection and management is a slow and cumbersome.

What we want is to know the contacts. Learn more about them and communicate with them in a genuine way, translates into confidence. To do so, it is beneficial to know how they have interacted with the time, know when spoke for the last time with them, when it is an appropriate time to contact them. To do this, Nimble CRM helps visualize that contacts are posting on their social networks, this allows you can pick how often intervenes and offers advice or information relevant, significant.

The heart of the Nimble Contact Management Software is the registration of contact, where each contact shows various details. Contact registry can you say that it is where the magic happens.

What is the special aspect of Nimble CRM offers on registration of contacts? With Nimble, contacts management goes beyond the typical foundations of what usually is the entry of data into an “address book”…


With safe and agile software that offers Nimble CRM, all basic contact information can be easily imported from Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Skype, Google + and more. But then Nimble goes a little further. Contacts management reaches another level, as it increases the information from each contact record acquired much more information through social networks. Get information about the people in your network, allows to promote relationships deeper and therefore more profitable campaigns. If you and your team are not using Nimble CRM, unfortunately they can be now losing business opportunities.

Supports Nimble CRM offers to the registry of contacts make him focus on what really matters:


Nimble keeps you organized and on track.

  • Nimble automatically fills in the registration of contact with just a name and email address. It is like magic, and results in his case less input, less waste of time.
  • The program analyzes common interests (topics, keywords) and on this basis proceeds to tell you why any contact is interesting and relevant for you.
  • It is also possible to classify or tile sets with labels or from saved searches.

Then, as we can see, the Nimble contact management system was built to promote the participation of the media through social networks. This social supervision of all your contacts allows you to meet more customers and also acting faster…

In business as in life, success happens socially.

Nimble brings together, in a single screen, talks of their email contacts, Twitter and Facebook pages. Now, you can see and respond in real time talks, there the interactions become part of the record of the contact.

With all the latest social interactions on a screen, you can easily monitor, look for associated terms and keywords to find relevant points that allow you to develop your business. It is possible to also save your searches for later.

Once you or your team have identified relevant contacts, you can simply import them into Nimble and start to explore your universe and interact with them anywhere.


Now we can choose between several options for what here we want to show a comparison between alternatives that exist in the market, are as follows:

Program that has strong integration with Google Apps and Gmail, also offers a free package for two users, also has a good and fast search engine information that has been stored and other goodness is that it has an automatic address book.

  • Salesforce IQ

Provides seamless integration with your Inbox and calendar, also has the ability to send automatic email and calendar register so you don’t have to do it, on the other hand your address book is unified for all your computer with this, hundreds of complementary data sources to enrich their contacts.

Already have spoken of it in other articles, this program you allows make of way automatic Sales Force and marketing. Also support service to the customer and inventory management.

This option offers:
– View of sales funnel
– Historic contacts
– Allows you to fully customize the program
– And besides that also integrates with your email address.


With the Nimble CRM program, as we have seen there are variety of possible functions that open a door of enormous opportunities, we hope that this article will serve to decide if the usarara or consider using an alternative.