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Naltrexone helps a patient recover from addiction, and can be used further on to moderate a patient and to keep a patient from drugs or alcohol.

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bupropion; naltrexone minor monitor for an increased incidence of carvedilol-related adverse effects if bupropion and carvedilol are used concomitantly.

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at the end of 6 months, 53 percent of the patients who received naltrexone via implant remained in treatment and had not relapsed, whereas 16 percent of those who received oral naltrexone, and 11 percent in the double-placebo group remained in treatment and had not relapsed.

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prior to taking naltrexone, you should discuss possible side effects with your treatment specialist.

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however your ps card acts like a generic naltrexone patient assistance program, saving you up to 53 off the retail naltrexone 50 mg cost.


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