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Integrate your email system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrate your email system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When it comes to CRM systems, options seem endless for the web is saturated with these solutions. It is for this reason that many hesitate to use them as reasonable doubt What will be better? It is always present. But in any case, how can we make a choice among so many? In 3 easy steps. The first is to know well what our objectives are working with these solutions. In this ocassion we are going to discuss about an email system tool.


To be clear about this point we can think about the next, our budget. Knowing how much we can spend and what resources we have available to invest can select a suitable CRM to our finances. Last but not least we have the factor: marketing activity. We must remember that CRM are systems that adapt to any type of marketing but each one of the systems specializing in one area.

A final factor that can be taken into account but is not as relevant is the platform on which we are working. Usually operating systems have their own recommendations that are usually adapt to new working systems. This is the case of the CRM system solution that we emphasize in this article. Based and designed for the Windows platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM have.

This client management solution devised by Microsoft is perfectly suited to our operating system have a common factor as the manufacturer. Furthermore, as already we mentioned this solution adapts q marketing to a branch which is giving much attention. We refer to emails. These emails are the keys for access to many offers and clients for which we must seize them and dedicate special attention.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM handles these keys?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a management system whose main function store and manage emails from our customers. You may think that this can also make our tray but unlike Microsoft Dynamics CRM it generates and configures the appropriate permissions to all communications. In this way we can know the importance of an email, type of business opportunity, maximum response period and information on the particular case.

It is practically a small database coupled to our operating system that allows us to optimize communications with our customers. And most important is that it keeps all these records in one place. Pa do the system is synchronized with our email. Thus the CRM system can access all records of conversations and start the process of optimization and management communications.

Way of working on email

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM begins its work by setting the account settings to synchronize. To make this process the parameters of the accounts with which you work from Outlook as it as we would to install any application from the eShop are established. While in some cases not support the use of wireless networks to perform this configuration can be adapted and changed some protocols to make this a permitted operation.

But if not something done easily whenever Why bother to install this system? Because the truth is that no management system CRM is a miraculous tool that performs its tasks with just one click. We are talking about a system which will strengthen our company. That’s why we must make some sacrifices to complete the perfect and proper configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Because set detail

This will allow management functions email Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically start and they can know everything that happens in our tray. Again we may think that a simple glance would suffice. However Microsoft Dynamics CRM compares mails sent and received with our contact lists. This way you can know that you are paying so much attention to our potential customers.

This information is reflected by messages in the mailboxes for each user. In addition syncing contacts to import data from our customers from email to the CRM system. We can make other configurations that can link or check emails easily or implement other features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Specifically those related to Outlook. The latter require permanent access to the Internet.

Finally the product through proper configuration reports can track the day of the portfolios. These do not involve what happens in the email but related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Since this is an application that can be adapted to any device with Windows operating system and other platforms can work with it from phones and other devices.

It is at this track CRM actions or activities to which access is obtained. It is important to such a configuration as between activities or share data users are entering appointments, commitments and outstanding duties. Since not all of this information can or should be available to all the good configuration sets the parameters of information that each user can access from your account.

Besides a good configuration it allows job data per user are available for any device with which they work. That way we can have control of activities based on the opportunity of a good compliance with them by providing necessary for the system to operate perfectly solution. Certainly the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for email is a boost for our policy actions and online marketing.