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Hubspot CRM review 2017 – Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review 2017 – Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Hubspot Review


One of the main keys of today in the definition of your business strategy is building long-term relationships with your potential customers.

It purpose is to know them in depth and thus increase its grade of satisfaction through offers of value that suphan their needs, generating of this form advantages competitive that you carry reach them best results in the achievement of your objectives.


This is a real bonus, the price for use hubspot is zero! This with the following functions:

  • Unlimited users,
  • Also unlimited usage,
  • and unlimited data.


HubSpot CRM: 5 reasons to use it.

HubSpot CRM has with all them tools necessary for carry to out it administration and follow-up of your prospects, since make its input in the part TOP of the funnel of sales, until end your happy travel making is in customers, spokesmen and promoters of your brand.

Although undoubtedly there is a great amount of reasons by which should implement the HubSpot CRM in your company, here we leave you the five more important reasons by which this tool is the solution appropriate for the management of your customers potential.

Easy to learn

Only requires a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the tool and learn how to use it.

HubSpot CRM adapts to your business process, which leads to your sales team keeping focused on the timely attention of the leads and not in learning how to use a new tool.

HubSpot CRM offers a very simple dashboard in which each stage of the funnel of sales according to criteria of productivity, sales forecasting and customer is categorized.

In addition, in the panel main have a view that condenses for example, from the number of calls made in the month, until the amount of sales that have closed with success.

Perfect alignment with your marketing platform

With the HubSpot CRM information both the sales team and marketing is easily accessible by both departments.

This means a clear and timely sales and marketing communication, less chance of duplicate leads and a broader vision of the impact of your marketing actions.

Visualization of your business opportunities

The HubSpot CRM dashboard allows you to view the progress of your business opportunities as they advance through the sales cycle, putting in perspective what is happening from beginning to end with each of them.

This feature is be very useful to the time of set priorities on the basis of them leads that show a best behavior in its travel through the funnel of sales.

Integrated phone tool

It makes calls from your CRM HubSpot with just one click. The phone that brings the CRM, integrated tool allows you to create a list of calls to perform during the day, programming automatic remarcaciones 40 seconds after the previous call.

In addition, the tool records and records your calls automatically and synchronizes with Google Calendar, providing a view of the appointments that you have programmed before.

This particularity, makes that your sales representatives provide all its attention to the customer, focus is in the last stage of the methodology inbound marketing.

Less work, more data

According to HubSpot near the 60% of the possible customers ends his transition on the buyer’s journey before put is in contact with a representative of sales.

He timeline of the HubSpot CRM you offers a view full of them actions and movements of your prospects, this you will allow get information in detail on their preferences and based on this identify points key of interest with your customers that you empowered to meet their requirements and needs.

On the other hand, the CRM brings integrated a complement additional to facilitate the tracking of your contacts through e-mail electronic.

Sidekick makes use of the Inbox of your e-mail to give you the information you need on business and customers with whom you maintain interaction.


There are some interesting similar options when wea��re talking about CRM like HubSpot there are a few of them.

HatchBuck CRM

Hatchbuck CRM is a simple alternative to commercial software which is usually expensive and bloated.

In Hatchbuck, it is possible to add contacts on the go, see the activity in real time when a prospect is ready to buy. Organizing is not complicated.

A appearance against of this option is that not is free.


InfusionSoft is an interesting alternative, focuses on a different market with its platform. With a basic plan you will be able to build campaigns, landing pages and send e-mail messages while all data are stored in the CRM to then follow.


ACT-ON platform is probably the most similar to HubSpot alternative. All that is needed for automation of marketing, administration and scoring, email marketing, landing pages, forms, management of social networks and some more functions.

They do not offer web hosting or blog, but they have complete SEO tools to help you manage with an existing web site. ACT it can interconnect of the following way: WordPress to Hootsuite to Gmail or to Salesforce.

Provides data in these applications, it also includes tools to help you create and manage content.


Wishpond is one of the few marketing automation platforms that offer a free basic plan, which can be used to generate up to 200 potential contacts.

Pages constructor it offers to attract customers to your business. In addition, offer characteristics of automation that you allow nourish its strategy of marketing making use of post electronic custom.


HubSpot CRM brings a number of features that will help you to improve your marketing and sales processes, and maximize the return on your investment.

Ease of use, seamless integration, sales and marketing, speaking the same language, all in one place. What more can you want?

Have you ever used the HubSpot CRM? Leave us your comments.