How do a CRM works?

How CRM works?

When you’re working with marketing, ita��s very probably to hear about the acronym CRM. Ita��s also possible to someone told you that is vital to have to use one. But is that really necessary?


As we said before, CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and it’s defined as, a strategy based on customer experience, but how CRM works?! Keep reading and youa��ll see what it is and how it works.


The CRM main objective is, try to collect all possible data from the clients, to create long relationships with them and somehow generate, a�?client satisfactiona�? or in other words this is also called a�?loyaltya�?.

This loyalty is reached when the company is capable of anticipate, their client needs and wishes, also treat them with dignity and respect, offering the right products.

This is achieved through the comprehension of the needs, and customer expectations, based on the data collected. So, after we let you know this brief information we can go to the important question.


CRM use existing technology to organize, automate and synchronize all processes of business, from the sales activities to commercialization, client service and technical support.


  • Find, bring and generate new customers.
  • Maintain the existing clients with the company.
  • Bring old clients.
  • Reduce marketing, and client service costs.


Mostly CRMa��s have features that allow them to do, following to names, emails and phone numbers of current and potential clients. Others are capable of tracking phone calls and send emails to the potential customers.

Other, advanced and complex systems are capable of guide customers, to the right sales representative, and register all the interactions made with the customer support teams.

But however, no matter which features CRM does have, his main goal is to create a system that integrates the sales team with the marketing team in an effective way to interact with the potential customers and the current customers.

Talking a little bit about the marketing teams, they use CRM to ensure that all business opportunities are being pointed to the right place – which is to the sales team – this is an important matter to create between them a strong relation.

And if we talk about the sales team, they must have all potential customer historic data in a centralized place, this results in improvements of time response, because allow them to save a lot of time, and also improve the productivity. In fact, the business representatives doesna��t have to go a�?huntinga�? to call it in some way because in only one program they find it all.

Nowadays, almost all CRM are in using cloud services, which make a lot easier to the enterprises the things related to installation and maintenance of the system. Doing this they avoid the use of local server space, instead they just have to pay a little monthly fee and this enable you to access the CRM software from a web browser.


So, if youa��re leading a company and want to keep growing, we encourage you to implement a CRM system, to do it in a good way and get the expected results, you should have clear goals and the better way to reach this is, first having a a�?talka�? with the sales team to determine best features and functions to use.

Your success ita��s tied to your capability of have clients satisfied. Try to know, everything you can of them, offer them fast responses to their needs, solve his issues without delay and finally make them feel special. Doing this, you will put your CRM system up and running.