CRM for WordPress

CRM for wordpress

When wea��re talking about CRM therea��s a lot of possibles to use. In this article wea��re going to let you know how to use WordPress as a CRM platform.


First of all, we have to define what wordpress is. WordPress is a content management system or also known as CMS, actually is being used in a lot of blogs and websites around the world.

However, this platform that was born as simply software of blogs creation, today have a lot of plugins, and there is also a huge quantity of templates who are capable of transform a basic website into a complete portal of information.
The wordpress kernel is written in PHP code, and his data is stored in a MYSQL database, ita��s relevant to say, that this two programs are of the most used programs in web, and the best of all, both are free. WordPress have a lot of benefits also, because is always upgrading his main code, for example a great update was made to enable the use of HTML5.


  • Easy installation, maintenance and update.
  • Wide documentation and manuals.
  • To create fully functional WordPress sites, there is no need to have a high level of programming knowledge.
  • Supports plugins and static pages through database.Use dynamics or static pages.
  • Allow you to put pages together by category or subcategories.
  • Allow user registration with administration levels.

As wea��ve seen, WordPress is a great system or platform to create your own blog or website. But, today wea��re going to explore this awesome CMS, and wea��ll see how ita��s integrated with some CRM features, to become in one of the most powerful tools of the market.


We, had mentioned before that WP, a�� from now on we will call WordPress in this way a�� is able to install plugins, Do you remember? But, whata��s a plugin? A plugin is a code component, or in other words, plugins are a�?programsa�? that, allow WordPress get more functionalities than his original form.

With plugins you have the ability to implement anything imaginable, and if the plugin doesna��t exist, always it is possible to develop it, but this will be explained, maybe with future articles. Today we will focus our sight in the CMS and CRMs.

We will do mention of several of them today but, there exist another bunch, of known CRM plugins, that we will write about for sure in other specific articles, so, we will not talk about them yet. To let you know which ones are, therea��s a mini list of them:

  • Zoho CRM
    And maybe others

At this time leta��s talk about,


This one allow us to improve the users organization, make a lot easy the contact form creation and the management of the received messages from them.

This plugin also allow you to create charts, with the collected data.


This is an application or plugin that give the user the chance of select between several customer levels, and also offer mobile integration, with other bonuses, that will impulse your site to the top, and data management, as well.

Maximizer CRM

This platform allows you to focus in the customer relationship instead of the management of details about the sales. Have customizable options and ita��s adaptable to any sort of business. His main goal is to achieve right relationships.


We could still mention a lot more of CRM for WordPress but this isna��t your passport to success, you still have to learn about your market, and clients, while you know them more, the best results will come, so thanks for read us, and we hope that, our article help you to have a wide view about this huge world, like is, CRM for WordPress.