CRM with SMS

In these times, large amounts of information are changing the way companies understand consumers and are driving new forms of participation motivated by the consumer. Management systems of the customer relationship (CRM) represent the key to open these processes to modern companies. This gives them the ability to use your most important business asset: consumer information.

According to some experts, companies that do not implement an administration of real information and interaction strategy will lose 25% increase in new revenue potential. Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise that companies around the world strive to design and implement campaigns and optimal CRM-based programs to achieve and conquer consumers across channels and devices.

Implement SMS professional capacity in a CRM system can open doors to opportunities and make good use of varied consumer information that companies try so hard to collect. This allows companies to capture consumers through the only device that is always with them: the mobile phone.

CRM SMS messaging: All become attainable

The current trading environment is characterized by extreme competition. This is because of the increasing number of competitors who come to the market and by the growing supply and standardization of products. In this situation, the modern enterprise is obliged to make an effort to differentiate them from the competition, being chosen. However, relationship marketing owes much of its success to the new information technologies that allow such interaction is made of massive, personalized and in real time.

With them, the entrepreneur who wants to carry out a CRM strategy can communicate with its client and knowing their tastes, and develop personalized offers that suit your demand. All we need a multimedia messaging service enabling it effectively and instantly all manner and each of its potential or actual customers, with consequent cost savings for the company. And what better option than using SMS?

98% of all SMS messages are seen and read, on average, within the first 5 minutes. This positions the SMS messaging in the beginning of the chain of mobile consumer participation. Thanks to all the investment and developments in messaging platforms in recent years, SMS functionality is much simpler to implement in an IT environment. It has also been linked to a variety of related services that improve the performance of enterprise IT systems, including CRM.

The search service number, made quietly before sending a message from the system not only optimizes costs and improves accuracy, but can also have a significant impact on the conversion and the success of the campaign.

It is not difficult to understand why. Ship to inactive, traveling or unavailable numbers decreases the effectiveness of the campaign and negatively impacts the ROI by directing a message to those who will not receive or will receive it for a higher price than planned. With a functional search service number, information on the availability of mobile number and their status is available and can be used to perform different types of projects based on CRM.

Services at different stages and development programs

The integration of the combined messaging CRM information can result in unlimited possibilities for converting high performance consumers through information previously collected user behavior. SMS capability for CRM systems can include various notifications and participation options. You can utilizes at different stages in the development of programs, and can be combined with other channels to achieve maximum efficiency of CRM activities.

Automating messaging can fit perfectly into the sales process based CRM. By registering user activity and location in CRM, you can launch various messaging events as customer behavior. According to this information, SMS development programs, offers or discounts can be offered at the right time, which increases sales and achieves conversion.

A company can easily program your system to send SMS messages programmed or customized, plan campaigns and adapt to the particular audience or even to individual recipients. This is possible by directly integrating technologies Infobip SMS with any CRM software. It is the simplest and least invasive method to capture current and future customers with automated messaging, and comes with full performance and a breakdown of user behavior.

Reliable partnership to expand goals

To achieve a service enterprise level, businesses need a partner you can trust. Our solid and reliable platform SMS provides high quality coverage in almost 800 networks in over 190 countries, with continuous plant development and technical support 24 hours every day in more than 10 languages. This improves our response time leader in the industry. We have become priority the development of a full SMS API designed to integrate quickly with the resources developer.