CRM for Real Estate

A long list of software solutions for real estate is available in order to help our customers meet and make a good decision based on the information we can provide to choose the right product. But how can these applications renamed it as CRM solution? No, but they help us to facilitate our work and manage our customer portfolio ideally look for a CRM application for real estate.

The list software solutions that provide real estate classified as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is also wide. These software used to create and manage a real estate website, customer management, contacts, tasks and communications. When selecting or consider choosing one of these software must limit the list of options to only those products specifically designed for the real estate industry. There are many generic CRMs and tools for creating websites but we must keep focused on a specific list of property management software

Among these specific software we can mention:

  1. EasyBroker: A great solution for teams. It is easy to use and allows you to create a professional website automatically optimized for search engines. Lacks email newsletters and e-drip (drip emails) on the part of sales and marketing.
  2. Top Producer 8i: A more complete solution, it contains in its having all the tools you could love each other and needed, but it is not cheap and I require time and patience to learn to use the most of all its advantages.
  3. Point2 Agent: It’s a reasonably priced web application that includes some marketing tools as powerful drip to send mail or news and release announcements. In relation to CRM you can leave much to be desired and also in the development and management of websites since their protocol is very basic but compensates for these weaknesses in options offered for marketing.A�And if you do not want to work from a website? If you do not need or want a software that is integrated to your website and prefer to install applications on your computer then Act! For Real Estate 11 Real Estate Success Tools and two solutions are worth exploring. Real Estate Success Tools is also the only installable solution that can be used on Mac.
  4. vFlyer is a good solution for sending flyers and publication of your property listings on various websites. It’s also great if you want to build individual for each of your ads websites.

Why these applications arise?

The real state CRM is designed to be the ideal solution for any independent real estate broker or sales team any real estate software, it helps you manage and track any interaction you have with your contacts turning them into customers.

This is achieved as it improves relations with existing customers, know them better and allowing you or your company identify new business opportunities. It also increases the loyalty of its existing customers, which means more sales and more profit for the business as it will optimize its costs by reducing the need to constantly get new prospects. It will detect business opportunities automatically it is very likely that new prospects are now looking for already in your company and also maximizes business opportunities.

How these goals are achieved?

A CRMA�system for real state has the following features:

  • Appointment reminders and commitments. With modules Agenda and messages you can register the commitments you have with your prospects and customers and the system will remember them for you, worry and let CRM Real Estate is responsible for reminding the commitments scheduled and new business opportunities that system discover for you.
  • Print and post cards of your property to your prospects easily. With CRM Inmobiliario you can send records of your properties and print a selection of them easily, the system will generate tokens with a predefined design data and your company logo, Just ask the email of your prospect and within seconds you’ll be sending the tab of the properties of interest.
  • Analyzes information for management and acquisition of new properties. do not waste time, money and effort, call the owners before anybody else and offer your services. With the module “Seeding” properties may be obtained exclusively before the competition because the system can easily detect the properties of direct treatment in the press and keep track of the owners until you get the exclusivity of its properties. The system will allow you to cross the characteristics of the property with the requirements of your prospects to use that information as a valuable argument to convince the owners.
  • Call control. All calls received in your company represent business opportunities that can not be missed, with the Real Estate CRM can keep track of each and you know who, why and what they communicate to your business and your sales team. The receptionist can view the log client to serve you personalized and professional manner.
  • Ability to build your network to share real estate and business. Real Estate CRM you can do business with other Brokers in your area using the system. You can offer other real estate properties as if they were yours and you want to share the property with other property.
  • Reports to facilitate control of your company. Just a few clicks away, CRM Real Estate, offers reports and consultations with the aim that you have on hand the most important information of your company and can make decisions proactively.
  • The information available where and when required. System users can access from wherever they are, only require an Internet connection and have access to each and every one of the system functions as if they were sitting in the office.