CRM programs for small business free

Small, medium and large companies are in a delicate situation today. This is because we live in a global market which is specializing in different areas of trade and marketing. Among the work that is being paid a lot attention is the care and treatment to clients. Thanks to this process work companies have managed to keep their buyers preference and loyalty of them.

But how they have achieved this? The answer lies in technological and ethical progress. But the truth is that the work ethic stepped back. Leaving aside the mass marketing process a process in which special attention is began. This was done to improve and restructure the hostile and invasive marketing the old prototype of personalized attention that results in customer loyalty. But this is the explanation of ethics phase. What I bring technology?

Thanks to advances in computer systems new management systems saw their birth. These highlight the CRM. These systems adapt to the working model of any company emerged with the purpose of enforcing the opinions of customers. By achieving this and adapt the company and its marketing policy to entrench customer loyalty of our buyers and allow us to open communication channels in other cases we would not have.

Who can use these systems in a Small Business?

CRM adapt to all types of companies. Its focus is on follow a series of steps which seeks to make the experience of buying something special and not a monotonous routine. This is accomplished while the company image is promoted, specialized marketing channels are established and changes are made to enhance the work. While adapting to all companies, to suit all budgets? If

Although we had not explained the purpose of this article, having clarified these points we can now raise it. Our purpose is clear that The CRM as management systems can be used by small and medium companies. Evidence is adaptability and explained. Given that budgets, activities and company size are taken into consideration when choosing one of these systems can support this fact. But What technical characteristics give us this assurance?

Technical details

CRM in itself are systems that implement solutions through analysis, data collection and other marketing tools. While all have their software form the initial part of this process takes place in the old style. If data collection requires face to face interaction with our customers and this is an activity that companies of any size can make. Forms of stored information are also customizable.

You may inclusion in the compiled information system is made some time after such information is obtained. During the time between the gatherings and included in the software information you can remain in physical or digital state. Having customer data, opinions, contact forms and reference preference is something you can do in Word documents, Excel tables and even in white sheets or in notebooks.

Again we can say that based on these primary factors of the work process of CRM, we can ensure that they are even suitable for the following small and medium business. The steps for managing information and activities will be progressive but can also be performed simply through the use of the management system. But when increasing the work, they will remain profitable for small entrepreneurs?

Advanced steps and solution options

Many think that making changes to structural and organizational level is something that only large corporations can afford. However the adaptation process does not always have to be abrupt and radical. The truth is that changes can be gradually and according to the size, possibilities, objectives and options businesses. And again the CRM are used taking into account these points.

When configuring system and raise our goals these systems solutions take into account the time factor, which we have the opportunity to leverage set realistic goals based on our circumstances. After this comparison and the system parameters assigned threw periodic reports which we will follow as they are an update of our status as a company. And this administration, this physical stamping of the administrative work, is something that all companies can do.

Clarified the point that even the most complex work process steps of CRM can be met by small businesses can consider the last point on this issue. Are there systems we can mention that fulfill these functions? You then look at some systems options that we can use in our activity and our budget.


An ideal CRM solution for small businesses because it is easy to use and also offers a free trial period. This period should be exploited in order to see if it is profitable for our company using this application. While the aim of this system solution is geared to support growth and business management with administrative issues its strength lies in demonstrating efficiency in managing agreements, appointments and control results.

Zoho CRM

A free CRM management solution. It is a management tool oriented to sales and marketing provided many useful tools. Its design is simple and if you need other options has a database of additional resources to which we can appeal. In addition to easily adapt to any working platform also it integrates seamlessly with other products in the online CRM applications.

And in case you need only part of them also adapts easily. An example of this we have with the Invoice and Meeting CRM applications Zoho online and downloaded applications from the Google Apps Store.


A open source CRM systemA� stands out as the most popular and effective on the market. It works in a dual function of stored information with which we can choose to keep it on the web or cloud and can also download and keep on our computers. While the Cloud version is more expensive it saves money that would invest enhancing our servers.

Its area of effect includes sales automation actions and measures marketing, management and customer support, care and communication channels and project management.

These three examples are part of the options that a small business can take into account when choosing a CRM system. But not limited to, look for more possibilities and acquire the best work in your case, making CRM an option to boost your small business.