CRM for Outlook 2016

crm outlook 2016

Outlook- for a considerable period- has demonstrated that its management capacity as a base platform CRM is not something to take lightly. Even in this year, Outlook 2016 remains the preferred choice of those who know their capabilities. However this is possible thanks to the fact that the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are also kept up to date. By combining a mail system that is ideal with an updated system it is that everyone is looking for great results are achieved.

If you want to be part of that group of people who want to deploy a CRM system simply will be glad to know that this article is designed to help. You can ask things like: How is this accomplished? What steps should I take? Is it expensive? The answers to each of these questions is analyze them in each highlighting the features that make this combination of email server andA�CRM applicationA� our ideal choice.

How the implementation and success is achieved with Outlook 2016?

Outlook and is nothing more than a base email platform implementation only requires us to access internet and introduce our user data. This simple step is the beginning of our management CRM. This is thanks to the fact that Outlook is far from being a simple mail platform. The truth is that through this virtual mailbox can do a detailed analysis of our electronic correspondence tracking, pending appointments, emails or send information and details of our contacts.

But the real implementation of CRM is done with the download and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook 2016. Through a detailed and rigorous configuration we can establish working parameters, access, security and data backup. The latter calls even more attention than the others as security and access are basic characteristics of CRM systems. But to manage in a different way the support is what makes it unique to this application. Let’s detail the steps to understand a little better this point.

What steps must follow for implementation and installation of the CRM solution?

As previously mentioned access to our account Outlook is the first of many steps. This is something we must do more than twice during the installation process. Once we access the first time begin the installation process or download the CRM solution. For this we can use either a disc in which we have saved the installer or access the Internet for downloading.

Next we will start the process of setting up each of the levels of occupational safety and allow access to data. Regarding work we can establish the different teams that are authorized to use the solution and work with data from it. This allows those responsible for the various departments of our company can work from anywhere and access work data.

But setting security levels also allows this data to be controlled. Presumably as a work area with limited capacity for action does not require full access certain data. For example, planning, detailed contact information and tracking communications are unnecessary details for the sales area for the management of these data is the responsibility of the marketing area. So establishing the limits and exceptions of each user area or can protect access to information.

But the last point is the one that stands out and is the mode data backup. This is unique because although Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work on the web or cloud like other CRM systems can also have a local data backup that allows work without internet connection. This is important as it allows in extreme cases where it is not possible to access the network work does not stop. Also once we regained access backup data we work and thus keep our online database.

Is it very expensive to implement this solution?

No, the truth is that working both locally and on the network expenses and improve service payments are reduced. Besides which it is part of the package that Microsoft provides us allows payments by the system are low or almost zero as we want the solution. But if we make improvements for a better way to work and show the growth of our company we can do and integrate the results into the system to adapt its information work.

Given that is a viable option, secure, customizable and economical Why does the test? We invite you to see first hand this CRM that adapts to any business and that is practically your fingertips option. So you can experience the satisfaction of seeing the growth of your company through this CRM solution for Outlook 2016.