CRM for GOOGLE apps

When thinking of CRM applications may think the first thing is in a group of systems that, after being subjected to analysis; will require a large investment while spending time and energy. But luckily this is not mandatory in all cases because among the list of CRM applications is in google’s email system. This simple platform allows us to manage our sales plan and advertising from simple email account.

But while this tool does not have the extensive databases with other applications if you are getting some assistance for those workers who use it for this purpose. The aid is the contact management guidelines are updated daily via the web.

As if this were not enough also a number of applications have been built into the app store google to integrate CRM and with this a facilitate the worker’s life, as it enters the system from the email address of the user.

Thus, a CRM integrated with Google Apps, but you must enter the application through the mail to see all the tasks that are pending and classify each according to their priorities; since in the system they appear in the order that they were listed on the agenda.

How is the interface?

Since that first screen that provides an integrated CRM with Google Apps can also be complete, delete or modify any of the tasks that are seen clearly. On the other hand, with Google a platform of high technology, when integrated with Google Apps CRM works in the company, the service will receive the customer will be very fast and efficient, regardless of the number of users that a business (the CRM applications have a limit of users per account).

Usually, providers of these systems CRM integrated with Google Apps, have a number of servers according to the needs of the number of clients with whom they work. In order to that they can do quiet and keeping the speed they need in their daily queries. On the other hand, these same providers integrated with Google apps, CRM software are those who constantly worry about upgrading your system, always keeping up to high technology.

As Google as we said, a high-tech platform that has its data centers in different places to avoid cuts services for various kinds of problems such as natural disasters, work together a CRM with the same you will have the necessary continuity to keep any minute.


Integrated with Google Apps CRM system provides the benefits of the applications of this well-known and used by the majority of users around the world platform, but offering complements that it can not give.

It is knowingly repeated this famous platform also keeps generous and complex security systems of the millions and millions of users insert data, and can also ensure smooth sailing through the CRM who have joined him.

Like any service that works from the cloud, these CRM integrated with Google applications, systems will be available anytime, anywhere, through the device have on hand. Among this list we want to mention an application that demonstrates how these systems have been integrated to google applications.

Zoho CRM for Google Apps

Zoho CRM for Google Apps is a aplciacion that helps make it easier to manage your business and your customers since it was created to colaboraren the field of communication. If your company is using Google applications, you can now synchronize Google Mail and access all your information from Zoho CRM.

Whether you are in Zoho CRM or Gmail, always have control over your communications with your contacts. You can create business opportunities within Gmail, Google Docs attach documents, export the list of events of Google Calendar, use web forms, and add them to the emails we send to our contact Google, all directly from Zoho CRM. It really is an advantage in information management for our customers.

What other benefits does Zoho CRM for Google Apps?

  • Management of all customer interactions in one place.
  • Better perspective on the views and needs of customers, analysis and monitoring of dates sent email.
  • Add leads or potential contacts and tasks and notes relating to the use of Zoho CRM tools in their contextual mode for Gmail.
  • Freedom from discomfort when attaching files to emails, which are often generated by the problems in versions of the programs that are used because they can attach files directly from Google Docs within Zoho CRM.
  • Keeping up with appointments or activities Zoho CRM for the import and synchronize from Google Calendar.
  • Create tasks in Zoho CRM and Google export tasks with one click.
  • Easily synchronize and access contacts from Zoho CRM Gmail.
  • Quickly access and view your CRM data by embedding CRM tools in iGoogle, Google Mail and Google Sites.
  • Zoho CRM access from a drench as it syncs everything in our Google account, including Google Apps credentials.