CRM for Gmail

CRM for Gmail


Gmail has been known as one of the best email clients that’s ever exist, and looking toA�improve their functions there are some apps that integrates A�other functions and make this platform more strong, so here we are going to talk about some options that integrates CRM for Gmail.


Nethunt CRM is a CRM program designed specifically for Gmail and Google apps and serves to organize the business processes and communications, it is possible to control everything without leaving your Inbox.

What makes NetHunt CRM?

It gathers in a three step process the workflow of the enterprise, these are as follows:


    This process implies that, after installing the program, you select a folder chosen for business from there still use the application as usual.

  2. FILL

    For example, let’s say that you receive a request by email. With NetHunt you can immediately create a registry based on that received email, fill in customer data and attach it to other conversations, write some notes and even forward it to colleagues with all required information. You can also attach documents, appointments on the calendar and see the conversation history.
    Thus, when certain client information is required you can find everything in one place.

  3. CHECK

    Thousands of customer records, are not just a dead weight. Is possible carry out analysis of the process of work, trends, and segments of customers and thus get the successful information.


This program organizes, segments, markets and manages the sales of small companies.

Its features include the following:

View 360 A� of the customers:

The program has a dynamic contacts profile that helps with the sales and business performance. From its environment is sought the satisfaction of customers and Revamp CRM provides the information necessary to do so to the fingertips.


CRM Revamp collaborates with you to make that potential customers become loyal fans of your company or brand, this is accomplished by doing that they are integrated with each segment of your network data.

Simply organize the key relationships in segments and Revamp CRM does the rest. This means that you must not worry about customers who must follow, or how to assign priorities, nor how make your first contact to break the ice.
Engaging communications that are solid with the customers is that is manages to make grow your business.

To establish those segments mentioned above, a list of tasks, is generated daily once fulfilled these tasks begins the cycle again for the next day.


Is says that, Revamp CRM will make of your company or service a super hero with each email or offer of service that send.

This is achieved by using marketing tools that are included in the program, so campaigns can be sent automatically.


Streak is a complement of Gmail for browsers Chrome and Safari that you allows programming the delivery of posts and make tracking of messages in real time.

In summary Streak allows scheduled shipping of post and plan events.

The main idea was create an application of planning and CRM, and is here where Streak shows its best potential to serve as event by creating events planner with a partnership between post. With this implemented, post search makes it easy to filter them.

They can also add conversations, attachments and associate them with dates and categorizing and sorting of emails, but based on different events or projects that you think.

Program sending messages with Streak

Streak gives the possibility of writing a message and indicate the specific time that you wish that this be sent. This functionality is very practical, and many users have commented on several occasions that it is part of seeking an extension for your Gmail.

Message tracking in real time

Mail tracking is to indicate to the user by means of a notification, if the message that has been sent has been read. In addition, the user will know when it has been read and how many times.


As we have seen, there’s several options when we’re talking about CRM for Gmail, so, from this point, now you’re able to make a good choice, but if you still need more information, I would like to invite you to see our articleCRM for Google Apps. There, you will find more relevant information.

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